Hiring Staff

The employment process is about finding the right candidate to fill your vacancy. To help fill that position as quickly as possible, we have created step-by-step guides that cover the processes, responsibilities and recommended practices for hiring staff.

  1. The first step is to write a new job description or review and update a current job description. Contact your school or department HRA or Compensation Analyst for assistance.
  2. After receiving the job code, create a job requisition and submit for approvals.
  3. Once the job is posted, you can go into HCM and reviewing applicants, interview applicants, and update the applicant notes in HCM.
  4. Contact your Employment Specialist after you have identified a finalist. The Employment Specialist will out to the candidate and start the background and reference check process.

Training Bytes

The following tutorials will be useful in identifying and on-boarding the right employee to fill your role:

Additional information may be found under the Employment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)