Employment Orientation Period Procedure

Effective Date: 06/03/2019 
Related Policy: Employment Orientation Period
Revision History: 01/01/1995; 01/01/2002


To build a successful performance foundation through an orientation period.

Detailed Procedures

  1. Newly hired, promoted, and transferred full and part-time senior staff and staff employees will complete a three (3) month orientation period. In-position promotions are not subject to the three (3) month orientation period.
  2. Supervisors are encouraged to develop an onboarding plan that will include on-going job training and performance counseling during the three (3) months.
  3. Supervisors must complete one (1) month, two (2) month, and three (3) month evaluations on the employee's progress during the orientation period. Included in the evaluation is a recommendation: 
    1. to continue employment (and, if the end of the orientation period, that the orientation period will be completed); 
    2. to extend the orientation period to a specific date if orientation would otherwise be completed; or 
    3. o sever the employment relationship.
  4. After completing the Staff Orientation Evaluation each month, the supervisor should send the Form to the supervisor’s management center HR office to forward to central HR, and provide a copy to the employee. The management center HR office will forward the Staff Orientation Evaluation to the HR Records Office at HRRecords@case.edu

Extending Orientation

  1. If supervisors note problems or concerns during orientation, the supervisor must document the performance, behavior, and/or attendance problems.
  2. If supervisors have not had the opportunity during the three (3) month orientation to determine whether the employee can succeed in the essential duties of their job, the supervisor may extend orientation to allow additional time.
  3. Supervisors must contact Employee Relations to discuss extending orientation at least two (2) weeks before the end of the orientation period and submit a completed Staff Orientation Evaluation. Supervisors may not extend orientation without approval from Employee Relations.

Severing Employment

  1. If a supervisor determines that it is necessary to sever the employment relationship, either before or at evaluation time, a completed Staff Orientation Evaluation must be submitted to Employee Relations at least two weeks prior to severing employment.
  2. New, promoted and transferred employees who are informed of the intent to sever the employment relationship have the option to resign once they are advised of the performance deficiencies. New, promoted and transferred employees whose employment is severed after orientation for performance reasons will be eligible for rehire. Employees whose employment is severed during orientation for behavior or attendance issues will not be eligible for rehire.
  3. New, promoted, and transferred employees who are not successful in the new position for performance deficiencies may apply for another open position on campus (including their former position if it is still available) via HCM.

Staff Orientation Evaluation Form