Relocating New Employees Procedure

Issue Date: 06/03/2019 
Related Policy: Employment Planning and Responsibility
Revision History: 01/01/1995; 01/01/2002


To ensure consistent application of relocation assistance within budget.

Detailed Procedures

The Hiring Department who is recruiting out-of-town executive staff or senior staff may be able to ease the transition and enhance the job offer by providing reasonable relocation assistance through reimbursement of expenses and spouse or certified domestic partner relocation assistance. As a general guideline, the reimbursement of expenses must be reasonable and should be agreed upon between the Hiring Department and the new employee based on legitimate criteria of need, distance, and weight of shipment. Employees must understand that some or all of the relocation expenses may be subject to income tax, so accurate record-keeping of expenses with receipts is critical.

Guidelines for Hiring Department or Designee

  1. Confirm that budgeted money is available to offer reasonable relocation assistance.
  2. Contact the Procurement Office for contacts and negotiated pricing with moving companies.
  3. Review the overall relocation package with the Employment Office for consistency with university practice and as a resource for service providers.
  4. All reimbursable relocation expenses will be charged to the hiring department.

Relocation Assistance Program For Spouse/Certified Domestic Partner

  1. This service is not available until a candidate has accepted the position, although the Hiring Department or designee may authorize up to ninety (90) minutes of consultation with spouses or certified domestic partner of candidates to assist in the relocation decision.
  2. The Hiring Department will consult with the Employment Office about available relocation services for trailing spouses or certified domestic partners.
  3. The Hiring Department will select from a menu of services negotiated between CWRU and the relocation service and obtain a fee quote.
  4. The Hiring Department or designee will make the introduction of the service to the new hire and the new hire's spouse or certified domestic partner.
  5. Billing for the service will be sent directly to the hiring department.
  6. If the hiring department or employee has questions regarding the quality of the service provider, they may contact the Employment Office and/or Procurement Office to confirm their expectations and/or to negotiate on behalf of the employee.