Reporting Injuries and Handling Safety and Security Situations

Title: Reporting Injuries and Handling Safety and Security Situations
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Effective Date: 01/01/2015 
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Responsible University OfficeOffice of Risk Management and Insurance; Division of Public Safety
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To reduce risks for employees, guests, students, and the university through assurance that proper response and timely reporting of accidents, injuries, security threats and other emergency events occurs.

Emergency Plans and Procedures

  1. All Supervisors will be familiar with the Emergency Plans and Procedures prepared by Public Safety and review these procedures with employees twice a year.
  2. All Supervisors will make a copy of the Emergency Plans and Procedures visibly available in the work area and insure that employees working non-traditional hours have access to the Emergency Plans and Procedures as well.

Personal Safety and Security Concerns

  1. Any supervisor who witnesses an accident or security risk will notify Public Safety immediately, but stay at the scene of the accident or security risk unless the supervisor feels personally threatened.
  2. Any supervisor who has any concern that workplace violence is a possible event should notify both the Human Resources and Public Safety. The supervisor should not make a judgment call as to the likelihood of the event but notify these departments and they will determine whether observation and/or investigation is recommended.
  3. Any supervisor who has staff affected by a serious event or tragedy should contact the Employee Assistance Provider and schedule group or one-on-one counseling in the aftermath.

Personal Injury, Illness, and Accidents

  1. Any employee who has an accident or incurs an injury on the job should report the accident to Public Safety. Any supervisor who is aware of such an event should encourage the employee to report the accident. If the employee is reluctant to do so, the supervisor should file a notification report.
  2. Any supervisor or employee who is aware that another employee, guest, visitor or student clearly requires medical attention should call Public Safety immediately at 216.368.3333 and remain with the person in need.
  3. Supervisors and employees are not to diagnose, treat, or administer emergency medical care to an individual unless they have medical certification for such treatment. Supervisors and employees may not move the ill or injured individual; but efforts may be made to provide privacy, warmth, and comfort for the individual until emergency services arrive.
  4. Since all work-related injuries, illnesses and/or accidents are to be reported, supervisors do not need to make a judgment call as to whether a worker's compensation claim is appropriate. The Office of Risk Management and Insurance is responsible for workers’ compensation claims administration and ensures that the appropriate forms are filed on a timely basis in accordance with applicable state law. The employee and/or the supervisor will, within one (1) working day following knowledge of the work-related incident, report by telephone the work-related incident to the university’s Office of Risk Management and Insurance
  5. The employee and/or the supervisor must complete and submit the Occupational Injury/Illness Report within five (5) working days of the work-related incident to the  Office of Risk Management and Insurance.