Employee Records - Change in Personal Information

Effective Date: 01/01/2002
Related Policy: Employee Records; Health and Welfare Insurance; Retirement Planning


To ensure timely and accurate payroll processing.

Administrative Approval

For Staff: Employee 
For Faculty: Employee 
For Student Employees: Employee

Functions Impacted

Human Resources
Student Employment

Detailed Procedures

  1. Employees are responsible for notifying the HR Information Systems (Records) office and the Benefits office of any changes in personal status that change benefits enrollment or contact information on a timely basis.
  2. Relevant changes in status include:
    1. Name change
    2. Change in address (home or campus)
    3. Change in marital status
    4. Emergency contact
    5. Change in beneficiary
    6. Change in dependents
    7. Change in tax withholding
    8. Change in employment status
  3. Employees need to use the Employee Change of Personal Information form along with any associated documentation, to update their employee records. Employees may update their benefit information within 30 days after the change (listed above), at any time during the year by submitting a completed Benelect Change of Status form along with appropriate documentation.
  4. A copy of the forms will be kept on record in the HR Information Systems office and the Benefits office, but the employee is responsible for keeping a copy of any changes and verifying that the change has been executed as requested, such as through paycheck advices and mailings.