Inamori Ethics Prize Winner & Colleagues: 2/26/21 Panel

Conversations on JUSTICE - Inamori Center

Conversations on Climate JUSTICE

Climate justice panel 2

This panel discussion was held LIVE on Friday, February 26, 2021 from 12:45-2:00pm EST and moderated by Inamori Center Director Shannon E. French with:

Climate Change is an issue with many ethical dimensions. As human actions can affect the global climate, those changes harm other species throughout the ecosystem, while also hurting current and future human populations. It is urgent that we talk about climate in terms of justice and ethical obligations. What do we owe other species, or the environment itself? Who will be hit the hardest by the impacts of climate change? This is an intergenerational ethics issue, with choices made in the past and present placing burdens on the future. It is also one that amplifies existing socio-economic divides. While wealthier nations do the most environmental damage, poorer nations and those with less of a voice in the international community suffer the most. On a more local scale, the most vulnerable populations, already disadvantaged by social inequities, are at greatest risk yet their concerns are not given the most attention.

The Conversations on JUSTICE with Inamori Ethics Prize Winners event series was selected as a CWRU NorthStar experience by the Office of the Provost. CWRU students who attend at least two of these events and submit a creative response to the Inamori Center in the form of a short essay, a poem, a song, a video, or other reflection will be eligible for a certificate of recognition and may also enter a contest with prizes through the Inamori Center. Funding opportunities for CWRU students to support ethics-related research and/or activism in the areas of justice will also be available.