SSWR 2021 Virtual Conference: Award Winner & Presentations


The 25th Annual Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) 2021 Conference is taking place virtually this year Jan. 19–22, 2021.

Themed Social Work Science for Social Change, the anniversary celebration conference offers a scientific program that reflects a broad range of research interests, from workshops on the latest quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to symposia featuring studies in child welfare, aging, mental health, welfare reform, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

Award Winner

  • Korean American Social Work Educators Association (KASWEA) Outstanding Dissertation Award
    • Miyoung Yoon (PhD '20)


Over 500 symposium, workshops, roundtables, papers and poster presentations are taking place, including the following by our faculty, students and alumni:

  • An Ecological Exploration of How Black Youth in Foster Care Engage in Healthy Intimate Relationships
    • Roni Diamant-Wilson and Joellé “Jo” Williams (University of California, Berkeley) 
  • Applying Minority Stress Theory to the Study of Mental Health Disparities Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Foster Care: A Systematic Review of the Evidence
    • B. Gillani, E. Peterson, D. Prince and M. Ray-Novak
  • Associations between Cumulative Violence Exposure in Childhood and Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors in Adolescence: Potential Gender Differences
    • Hyunjune Lee
  • Building a Developmental Profile for Youth Exposed to Severe Violence: Harnessing Hospital and Administrative Data
  • Building a Framework to Understand the Effects of Relational Health on Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration
  • Cross-Context Self-Efficacy: A Multigroup Structural Equation Model Examining the Role of Filial and Neighborhood Self-Efficacies in Adolescents’ Depressive Symptoms
    • Kristen A. Berg
  • Discrimination and Social Isolation Among African Americans across the Life Course
  • Evaluating Practice in a Pay For Success Context: Learning from a County-Level PFS Project using a Mixed-Methods Design
  • Examining the Effects of Trauma, Depression, and Gender Roles on Men's Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Exploring Challenges and Facilitators to Reunification for Homeless Families
  • Exploring the Impact of a Parenting Intervention: Does Child-Caregiver Biological Relatedness Matter?
    • Monica Faulkner, Rowena Fong, Laura Marra, Kerrie Ocasio, Nancy Rolock and Kevin White
  • Functional Significance of Gray Matter Volume Change During Cognitive Enhancement Therapy in Early Course Schizophrenia
  • Healing Network Nights (CoHealing): Promoting a Resilient, Interdisciplinary Network of Trauma-Informed Helpers
  • Invited Symposium II, Social Work and Public Health
    • Gino Aisenberg (University of Washington), Shardai Pioche (John Hopkins University) and Tina Sacks (University of California, Berkeley) with Moderator David Miller
  • Neighborhood Social Cohesion, Physical Disorder, and Daily Activity Limitations Among Older Adults
    • Weidi Qin and Yi Wang
  • Neural Mechanisms of Long-Term Durability of Social-Cognitive Improvement During Cognitive Enhancement Therapy for Early Course Schizophrenia
  • Parenting Children Who Have Experienced Trauma, Grief and Loss: An Evaluation of Pathways to Permanence 2
    • Monica Faulkner, Rowena Fong, Laura Marra, Kerrie Ocasio, Nancy Rolock and Kevin White
  • Psychological Comorbidities and Social Support Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth with Foster Care Involvement: Findings from a Community-Based Pilot Study
    • B. Gillani, E. Peterson, D. Prince and M. Ray-Novak
  • “She Went Above and Beyond”: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Implementing CTI with Housing-Unstable Families whose Children are in Foster Care 
    • Rong Bai and Cyleste Collins (CSU)
  • Social Support, Everyday Discrimination, and Depressive Symptoms Among Older African Americans: A Longitudinal Study
    • Tyrone Hamler, Dawne Mouzon, Ann Nguyen, Weidi Qin and Fei Wang
  • Strengths Associated with Relative Adoption or Guardianship after Foster Care: Results from Universal Surveys
    • Monica Faulkner, Rowena Fong, Laura Marra, Kerrie Ocasio, Nancy Rolock and Kevin White
  • Symposium: Centering Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Foster Care: Implications for Practice, Policy and Research
  • Symposium: Learning in a Pay-for-Success Environment: Results from a Program for Housing Unstable Families with Children in Out-of-Home Placement
  • Symposium: Social Change in Child Welfare: Outcomes for Children Living with Kin vs. Non-Kin Caregivers
  • Symposium: Social Work Neuroscience: Using Neuroimaging to Study and Address Social Problems
    • Shaun M. Eack, Eric L. Garland, Adam W. Hanley and Jessica A. Wojtalik with discussant Joseph A. Himle
  • Symposium: The Influence of Interdependence, Isolation and Discrimination on Health and Mortality Among Older Adults of Color
  • The Kinship Effect during Teen Years: Understanding Outcomes for Relative vs. Non-Relative Adoptive Parents or Guardians 
    • Monica Faulkner, Rowena Fong, Laura Marra, Kerrie Ocasio, Nancy Rolock and Kevin White
  • Trauma and the Brain: Results from a Pilot Training Series on the Neurobiology of Complex Trauma