Mandel School Cleaning and Custodial Services

Per Custodial Services, cleaning in the Mandel School Building and Mandel Center shall be addressed as indicated below. Custodial Services reserves the right to modify the cleaning schedule, and any changes will be reflected below upon our knowledge. Any questions or issues should be addressed to James Strawser at

Office cleaning schedule

Office / Suite Building Scheduled day
Suite 109 Mandel Building Wednesday
Suite 140 Mandel Building Wednesday
Harris Library Mandel Building Daily, as needed
Suite 175 C Mandel Building Daily, as needed
Suite 207 Mandel Building Monday
Suite 315 Mandel Building Wednesday
Research Commons (275 and 375) Mandel Building Tuesday and Thursday
1st Floor Faculty Offices Mandel Building Thursday
2nd Floor Faculty Offices Mandel Building Monday
3rd Floor Faculty Offices Mandel Building Wednesday
2nd Floor Cubicles and Offices Mandel Center Wednesday

Office cleaning once per scheduled day:

  • Dusting high and low (vents, window sills, floorboards)
  • Furniture wiped down
  • Vacuuming all accessible areas of the floor
  • Empty garbage in offices and at cubicles within a suite
    • If trash bins require emptying before their scheduled day - Instead of leaving trash outside of doors on non-trash pickup days, Custodial Services asks the campus community to empty trash into shared/common receptacles in the hallway.

Please note: Custodial Services staff will not address any surfaces/flooring unless it is free of materials/items. If you wish for your desk/window sill/floor to be cleaned, dusted or swept, please be sure to remove all items.

Classroom cleaning schedule

Classroom Building Scheduled day
Classroom 236 Mandel Building Daily
Classroom 238 Mandel Building Daily
Classroom 244 Mandel Building Daily
Classroom 336 Mandel Building Daily
Classroom 338 Mandel Building Daily
Classroom 344 Mandel Building Daily
Classroom 105 Mandel Center Daily
Classroom 106 Mandel Center Daily
Classroom 107 Mandel Center Daily
Classroom 108 Mandel Center Daily

Classroom cleaning once per day:

  • Clean all Tables and Chairs
  • Sweep/vacuum floors (dust mop & wet mop if tile)
  • Clean white boards, re stock when necessary
  • Spot clean walls, garbage cans and window ledges
  • Empty garbage

Cleaning schedule of all other areas

All other areas of the buildings, including but not limited to conference rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, stairwells, and elevators are addressed daily.