Room Bookings

The Mandel School is now part of the Spartan Reservation System.

Room Reservations Changes due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, Case Western Reserve University is implementing physical distancing requirements in all classrooms, meeting rooms and common spaces. During this time of decreased room capacities, signs will be hung around the building to inform Faculty, Staff and Students of the maximum capacity of a space. A listing of the new room capacities for bookable spaces is listed below. These decreased capacities will be updated in the University’s room booking system, and will reflect the maximum number of people permitted.

This academic year, the Mandel School is working with the University Registrar Office to ensure that all university classes have assigned spaces during the academic year. It is highly likely that conference rooms will be used for classes. This means that availability for meetings and other events will be limited.

All room reservation requests should still be submitted two business days in advance through the room booking system, and requests when space is needed in less than two business days should still be directed to However, in a change from standard procedure, rooms requested for the fall semester will not be confirmed until the start of the semester.

Additionally, please be aware that our flexible meeting space, Mandel Center room 115 will be set-up as a classroom for the academic year. Only events meeting the reduced capacity are permitted to be held in this space, and the room must remain in classroom style. There will be no room rearrangements permitted.

To ensure adherence to the new decreased capacities of all spaces, furniture will be removed for off-site storage. Relocating furniture from one space to another is not permitted. Any questions or concerns regarding room bookings and decreased capacities should be directed to Rachel Blake, or 368-0432.

Room Capacities due to COVID-19

Mandel School Building
Room number Description Student capacity Maximum capacity*
236 Classroom 8 9
238 Active Learning Classroom 9 10
244 Classroom 9 10
336 Classroom 8 9
328 Active Learning Classroom 9 10
344 Classroom 9 10
219 Conference Room 1 2
275F Conference Room 1 2
365 Conference Room 2 3
375A Conference Room 1 1
375D Conference Room 1 2
Noble Commons Flexible Meeting Space TBD TBD
Mandel Center
Room number Description Student capacity Maximum capacity*
105 Classroom 8 9
106 Classroom 6 7
107 Classroom 6 7
108 Classroom 20 21
114 Conference Room 3 4
210 Conference Room 2 3
223 Conference Room 1 2
115 Flexible Meeting Room 14 15
Lounge Lounge 5 5

* Please note the maximum capacity for spaces used as classrooms accounts for both students and the instructor. The number of desks or tables/chairs may only match the student count in some spaces.

Room Reservations

All room reservation requests must be submitted by 8 a.m. at least two business days in advance. If your space need is less than two business days away, please contact to check availability.

The main purpose of both facilities is to serve the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences; therefore, the School has priority for all space.

Available non-classroom spaces may be booked one year in advance. However, classroom requests can only be confirmed once the relevant semester's class schedule has been finalized. If your event is in a future semester, there will be a delay in processing your request.

If your requested date and/or time is before or after our normal operating hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.), please email in addition to submitting a request via the Spartan Reservation System. All events taking place outside of normal building operating hours will require security to be on site for the duration of the event. Charges will apply for security, at a rate of $35 per event hour, with a three-hour minimum fee ($105). This charge is subject to increase.

Your reservation is not considered confirmed until you receive a confirmation email. That email will show the status of your room as "Confirmed," meaning the reservation has been confirmed and the room is scheduled for your use.

Parking Space Reservations

The Mandel School maintains two parking spaces that are available for reservation. These spaces are available for the use of guests of the Mandel School, and cannot be used by employees. These spaces are located behind the Mandel Center (11402 Bellflower Road), and are indicated by “Dean’s Office” signage. Requests for parking can be submitted via the Spartan Reservation System or by emailing if your need is less than two business days away. A parking pass will be issued and sent to the requestor.

Please note the issued parking pass for a space behind the Mandel Center is not valid for parking in the surface lot (52-B) adjacent to the Mandel School Building (MSASS; 11235 Bellflower Road). Any vehicle parked in this lot without a hang tag may be ticketed.

For more information on room bookings please email

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