Mandel School Emergency Closing Policy

University Closing

The decision to close the university is made by the president. This would impact daytime activities (classes and the work schedules of staff). The Mandel School will abide by a university closing decision. This decision will be communicated via the university’s emergency communication system (Spartan Safe) and a notice on the university's website.

Mandel School Closing

The Mandel School can decide if it will close/cancel evening and weekend classes and events under extreme circumstances. This may include, but is not limited to, emergency weather conditions and structural and/or maintenance issues in Mandel School facilities. If weather is a factor, it is the current or forecasted weather in the University Circle neighborhood that is considered. This decision is made by the dean or his/her designate after consulting with the university provost. The dean’s designates are, in the following order: 1) associate dean David Miller, 2) PhD program director Victor Groza, 3) associate dean Craig Zullig.

The need to notify the Mandel School community of a closure may be an extension of a university decision or an independent school-level decision. For example, a decision by the university to close during the week (Monday through Friday) will be communicated by central administration. If that decision impacts Mandel School classes, events or staff work time, the Mandel School would need to notify its community. Alternatively, the decision to close during an evening or weekend (only) is an independent Mandel School decision (which would still require consultation with the university provost as stated above).

This decision is school-wide (not individual classes) – individual instructors are not authorized to make this decision. Online classes are not affected by this closing policy.

Once the decision is made:

The dean or his/her designate will notify:

Step Who Action
1. Craig Zullig (or available Finance & Administration staff member)
  1. Send school-wide email to inform all faculty and staff of closing (including expected duration).
2. Rachel Blake (or available Finance &  Administration staff member)
  1. Change the Mandel School main line (368-2290) outgoing voicemail.
  2. Check room reservation system and notify external space renters.
3. Richard Sigg (or available Admissions staff member)
  1. Change the Admissions Office main line (368-1655) outgoing voicemail.
4. Samantha Skutnik (or available Library staff member)
  1. Coordinate closing of library and cancellation of evening/weekend staff assignments.
5. Melanie Klass
  1. Advise on messaging and strategy.
  2. Coordinate social media messaging.
6. Karoline Kramer
  1. Update school website with closing message.
  2. Inform UTech student employees.
7. Program director responsible for affected class/event (e.g., Lori Longs Painter for the Intensive Weekend program)
  1. Inform all affected faculty (those scheduled to teach) of cancelled classes OR, in lieu of cancellation, a temporary change to virtual format. (See Step #8 below)

The faculty (those informed by the program director in Step #7 above) will notify:

Step Who Action
8. All students (registered in affected classes only) of cancellation OR temporary change to virtual format. END.

Please note: Steps 1 through 7 can happen in any order. Step 8 can only happen after Step 7.

In summary:

  1. Only faculty scheduled to teach will be notified by the academic dean or program director (Step 7).
  2. Only students in the affected classes will be notified by their instructors (Step 8).
  3. Staff will be notified by the associate dean for finance and administration (Step 1). This message will also be sent to faculty.

Contact Information:

Name Email Office #
Blake, Rachel 368.0432
Groza, Victor 368.6682
Klass, Melanie 368.5141
Kramer, Karoline 368.0266
Miller, David 368.8755
Sigg, Richard 368.3862
Skutnik, Samantha 368.2283
Voisin, Dexter 368.2270
Zullig, Craig 368.6155