1098-T Tax Form

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The 1098-T tax form is prepared annually for U.S. citizen and permanent resident students with qualified tuition and fees, as defined by IRS regulations. You will receive an email notification when your 1098-T is available to view in SIS, during the month of January. Students who do not grant electronic access consent will receive their 1098-T Tax Form via the postal service to their permanent address in SIS. 

To access the most current statement, please perform the following steps:

  1. Log into SIS at case.edu/sis
  2. Click the "Finances" tile on the Student Home and then the "Tuition Tax Form" tile.
  3. Click the desired tax year to access a PDF version of the 1098-T form.

Upon request, CWRU will prepare the 1098-T Tax Form for students with an F-1 or J-1 visa. You must complete and submit a Nonresidential U.S. 1098-T Request Form. 


  • You may need to first grant electronic access consent by clicking the "Grant Consent" button.
  • Please ensure any pop-up blockers are temporarily disabled in order to access your 1098-T form.
  • A blank Box 1 does not indicate that no payments have been received. Universities are given the choice to report in Box 1 or Box 2. CWRU has chosen to report in Box 2 for tax forms prior to 2018.
  • Additional information can be viewed on the university's 1098-T information page.
  • If you customize your Finances section by hiding this tile, please perform a search for "Tax Form" or "View 1098-T" to access the page. 
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