A survivor advocate from The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (CRCC) is available to provide confidential short-term counseling, support, resources & advocacy to all undergraduate and graduate students of any gender who have experienced sexual, dating, or power-based personal violence. All services and sessions with CRCC are free & confidential.

What is the Advocate's Role?

  • Help students understand, evaluate, and choose among services/resources available both on and off campus.
  • Clarify the University process for sexual misconduct incidents.
  • Refer students to appropriate resource(s) once they have identified a recovery plan and goals.

Where Can You Find an Advocate?

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
216.619.6192 (24/7 call or text line)

What Is Sexual Misconduct?

Under our policy, sexual misconduct includes:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Non-consensual contact or activity
  • Non-consensual intercourse
  • Forced contact or activity
  • Forced intercourse
  • Intimate partner violence (dating & domestic violence)
  • Exploitation

How Is Misconduct Reported to Title IX?

Office of Title IX - Hearings, Investigations, Sanctions

  • University Staff, Faculty and Police are Mandated Reporters, and must report misconduct witnessed or reported to them.
  • Confidential resources include: Advocates, Counseling Services, Health Services, Inter-Religious Center, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.
  • Students are NOT mandated reporters, but have anonymous reporting options, including speaking with an Advocate.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center  

To schedule an appointment with the CRCC, call 216.619.6194 ext.141 or visit For the 24/7 hotline, text or call 216.619.6192. This support, information, and resource is anonymous and confidential.