Supervision and Evaluation

Interns receive two hours of individual supervision each week on their individual psychotherapy cases.  They also meet weekly with the entire training cohort for one hour of group supervision of individual therapy and one hour of group supervision of group therapy.  Interns are expected to spend 30 minutes after each co-facilitated group therapy session for processing and supervision with their licensed co-facilitator.  During the intern's supervision rotation, umbrella supervision of a practicum student occurs one hour weekly.  Interns also receive didactic training on their supervision and assessment, as well as supervision of their consultation and outreach programming.

Supervisors are expected to provide interns with continuous feedback on their progress via weekly supervisory meetings.  The intern and supervisor establish goals and expectations at the beginning of their work together; the supervisor prepares a formal learning contract and the intern compiles a list of training goals.  At mid-semester a formative evaluation is conducted between intern and supervisor.  At the end of each semester, summative written and oral evaluations are conducted.  Interns are expected to change supervisors after the first 6-months in order to observe and benefit from diverse supervisory styles.  We use a reciprocal evaluation process in which interns evaluate their supervisors each semester.  Twice per year a summary of intern progress is sent to the intern's academic director of clinical training at their home institution.