Training Facilities

In 2023, Counseling Services moved to Floor 2 of the Dental Research Building, one floor above Health Services clinics the new Counseling Services suite includes:

  • Individual lockable offices equipped with a computer and web cameras, desk space, and seating for individual therapy clients.
  • Two group rooms equipped with individual seating
  • A kitchenette with a shared refrigerator, microwave, and storage spaces
  • A conference room
  • A copy/mailroom/office supply area
  • Workstations for administrative staff, across from the Waiting Area
  • A charting room where any staff can write client notes or conduct chart review or other computing functions, when they find themselves temporarily without access to a consultation room.
  • If needed for purposes of telehealth, staff can also receive a web camera and portable, encrypted file storage drive to temporarily and confidentially store client PHI.
  • Psychology interns also have full use of the University's library and access to free public transportation through their University ID.

Please note that training facilities might shift in response to changes in our care model or our space needs, but all trainees will be provided with appropriate resources to conduct clinical care.