Substance Abuse Self-Assessments

There are several self-assessment tools you can find online to give you an idea about how alcohol and other substances impact your life. University Health and Counseling Services provide access to three fully anonymous self-assessments:

360 Proof

In partnership, the NCAA Division III and the NASPA Small Colleges and Universities Division developed 360 Proof. 360 Proof is a Personalized Feedback Index (PFI) designed to provide students with information about their alcohol use. The PFI takes 10-15 minutes to complete the questions and about 5-10 minutes for the student to read their personalized feedback.

Feel free to take a copy of the feedback with you once you are finished. Your feedback will also include a list of contacts and resources in case you wish to discuss any issues raised by your results. Participation in this program is voluntary and personal data is not identifiable. You may choose not to answer any question, or to discontinue your participation at any time.

Alcohol and Mental Health Screening

The ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County offers FREE and anonymous online screenings that feature Video Doctor (for depression and alcohol screenings), an online tool that simulates a conversation with a doctor and guides a person through a series of questions about his/her emotional well-being and readiness to seek help. Video Doctor launches after a person completes an online screening and scores positive for having symptoms of depression or alcohol abuse.

These screenings are anonymous and are not intended to be a diagnosis. The screening tools can help you identify signs that you or someone you know might have a mental health and/or addiction issue. The results only indicate that you may benefit from a professional consultation and services.


ScreenU is an online and confidential screening that provides personalized feedback. In addition to offering screenings, ScreenU also provides brief interventions and referral treatments to students in college. One of the screening tools offered through ScreenU is an alcohol screening.

The misuse of alcohol and other drugs has negative impacts on students in various forms such as, academic failure and delayed advancement, that may be caused by injury or student conduct issues. The misuse of alcohol doesn’t just impact the individual student, others surrounded by that student (friends, family, classmates, residence hall staff, and others are also affected by alcohol misuse.

With ScreenU Alcohol you can receive feedback about your alcohol use and your risk for experiencing negative consequences and links to resources and support needed to help you be successful academically and beyond.  For more information on ScreenU, please visit their webpage using this link. If you are interested in participating in the ScreenU alcohol Screening, please use this link

Additionally, ScreenU offers support for Cannabis and prescription drug misuse as well.

ScreenU Cannabis

Over the past decade, researchers have noticed an increasing trend in cannabis use among college students. Given that the numbers have steadily increased the percentages are low at this time, however, reports indicate that there are more college students that use cannabis on a daily basis than those that drink alcohol on a daily basis. 

Cannabis can have a negative impact on one’s memory, attention, and learning. Students who use cannabis on a daily basis and experience these symptoms are less likely to graduate than students who do not use cannabis. 

ScreenU Cannabis identifies students who are at risk for developing a cannabis use disorder, and recognizes those at risk for experiencing other negative consequences from the use of cannabis. Participants will receive information and education to combat misunderstandings and information around cannabis use. Students are also connected with resources to help them in making healthy choices. 

ScreenU Rx

Alcohol and Cannabis use are not the only drugs that college students may be experiencing struggles with. ScreenU also provides resources and information regarding prescription drug use for college students. The misuse of prescribed medication generally begins around the college student age. 

Estimated data suggests that 1 of 6 college students have admitted to using a prescription medication for non-medical purposes. The main reason students report using prescription medication for non medical purposes is to enhance their academic performance. Studies suggest that the misuse of prescription drugs results in the opposite effects. Students have a tendency to spend less time studying, have higher class absences, and have a lower GPA.

Participating in ScreenU Rx helps to identify prescription drug misuse and provide students with education, resources and early intervention to reduce their risk of negative consequences. This screening helps students to recognize risk behaviors and identify the tools to support safe use of medical prescriptions.