Guided Relaxation Exercises

Live and On-Demand Guided Meditation

Students can participate in live and on-demand guided meditation sessions through CWRU Care. These include: 

  • 15 minute morning meditation
  • 5 minute breathe
  • 15 minute calming meditation

Visit for a list of all options.  

Recorded Guided Meditation

Problems arising from anxiety, stress or emotional disturbances may subversively affect the quality of life for many students. At Case Western Reserve University, we make it a top priority to address the physical and psychological well being of every student who visits our staff. Our special concern is for first-year students who require time to adapt themselves to their new environment. To ensure this, the staff has recorded "Guided Relaxation Exercises" on meditation, anxiety management, coping with loneliness and stress management.

The relaxation exercises are based on Edmund Jacobson's widely popular and highly effective Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) technique. Bonding and interacting with others on campus may also prove meaningful, in addition to these relaxation exercises.

Audio 1: Intro to Meditation; Focus on Breathing - Mary Hildenbrand, PhD

Audio 2: Relaxation Exercise to Reduce Anxiety - Mary Hildenbrand, PhD

Audio 3: Beach Visualization - Mary Hildenbrand, PhD

Audio 4: Public Speaking Visualization - Mary Hildenbrand, PhD

Audio 5: Relaxation for Coping with Panic - Mary Hildenbrand, PhD

Audio 6: Relaxation to Deal with Loneliness - Todd Seibert, PhD

Audio 7: Relaxation to Decrease Stress Caused by Work Commitments - Todd Seibert

Audio 8: Body Image Relaxation - Joy Wyatt, PhD