Poll Everywhere Spring 2024 Pilot

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About the Pilot

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In response to faculty feedback, UTech TLT is launching a semester-long audience response pilot for undergraduate CWRU courses in Spring 2024. In this pilot, the audience response system Poll Everywhere will be available for participating faculty to use at no cost for their undergraduate courses. The goal of the pilot is to gauge faculty interest in audience response tools in the classroom. Please keep in mind that this pilot is for undergraduate courses only.

Faculty who are interested in using Poll Everywhere in their Spring 2024 undergraduate courses should fill out this Google form indicating which class(es) they would like to enhance with an audience response tool.  Faculty who participate in the pilot will be required to complete a couple of surveys throughout the spring semester providing feedback about their experience with the tool.

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About Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an audience response tool that can be used by instructors to engage with their class using interactive activities such as live multiple choice questions, word clouds, open ended questions, and competitions. 

Getting Started for Instructors

To get started using Poll Everywhere, please reference our CWRU Poll Everywhere Instructor Quick Start Guide.

You can download the Poll Everywhere PowerPoint plug-in to your work or personal computer from the Poll Everywhere download and install page. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for information about Poll Everywhere on classroom computers.

We recommend using the Poll Everywhere website or the PowerPoint plug-in to present questions. For ease of creation, we also recommend building questions on the Poll Everywhere website, rather than building questions using the PowerPoint plug-in.

Connecting Poll Everywhere to Canvas

You can also connect Poll Everywhere to your Canvas course and sync grades from Poll Everywhere to Canvas. We have 2 guides to walk you through how to Sync your Canvas Course with Poll Everywhere and also to Sync Grades from Poll Everywhere to Canvas.

Getting Started for Students

Poll Everywhere is an audience response tool that lets students interact with their classmates and instructor with live polling and interactive activities. This guide provides information on how to download the application, login to your student Poll Everywhere
account, view an activity, and provide a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join the pilot?
  • Is Poll Everywhere installed on my classroom computer?
    • Yes, the Poll Everywhere plug-in for PowerPoint is installed on campus classroom TECs.
  • I already have a personal or free Poll Everywhere account, how can I use those questions with my CWRU account?
    • If you already have a free Poll Everywhere personal account, you can can copy or transfer questions from your personal account to your CWRU account.

Additional Support

For questions or additional assistance, please reach out to our help alias, polleverywhere@case.edu.