Reorganization Procedure

Issue Date: 06/03/2019
Related Policy: Reorganization
Revision History: 01/01/2008

Detailed Procedures

  1. Any reorganization of a department, area or consideration to layoff an employee or group of employees must be reviewed with Employee Relations prior to taking any action. Supervisors must obtain approval from their Department Head before proceeding with any request to reorganize or layoff an employee(s). In addition, the supervisor must complete a Reorganization Request Guide and submit the guide in final form to Employee Relations for approval. The Reorganization Request Guide will also be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel and the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Engagement. The following information will be needed to complete the guide:
    1. why the reorganization is necessary;
    2. a detailed business plan ;
    3. how the proposed changes will meet department/university needs and objectives; 
    4. financial impact of the reorganization;
    5. name(s) of the employee(s) to be laid off and justification for the decision;
    6. anticipated date of separation;
    7. a listing of all temporaries, students and vacant positions if applicable;
    8. efforts the department has made to avoid the layoff of the selected employee(s); and
    9. a brief explanation why action other than layoff is not possible.
  2. The department must state the legitimate business plan for reorganization and the need for the reorganization and the current and proposed structure of the reorganization must be included in the business plan for the department.
  3. A reorganization process cannot be utilized as a means of resolving unsatisfactory work performance. Departments must look for alternatives to an imposed layoff of an employee or group of employees whenever possible. Alternative strategies to consider include, but are not limited to, elimination of overtime, elimination of a vacant position(s), reduced work hours, or elimination of positions through attrition.
  4. Any prior reorganizations in the department, as well as significant reorganizations elsewhere in the university, will be taken into account in reviewing the subsequent reorganization request.
  5. If no alternatives to position elimination can be identified, filled positions may need to be eliminated. In determining which staff will be affected by a reduction in work force, comparisons will be made between staff with the same position within the same department.
  6. All decisions will be made on the basis of the department/university’s needs and the requirements of the work involved in the department. The order of importance of these factors depends on the circumstances involved in the layoff(s). In every instance the department must ensure it retains the employee with the skills, knowledge, and ability required to meet the essential requirements and business operational needs.
  7. The factors considered when selecting staff to be laid off may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Staff seeking voluntary retirement, transfer or resignation;
    2. All temporary staff within the same position classification; 
    3. Staff in the same job classification who have been entered into the Positive Corrective Action (PCA) process; and 
    4. Current and past Annual Performance Review.
  8. 8.    If a position is eliminated as part of the reorganization request, the department or area may not rehire any individual to that position or a similar position for at least one (1) year.
  9. 9.    Once a reorganization request is approved by Employee Relations, Office of General Counsel, and the Office for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity, the supervisor is responsible for working with Employee Relations to provide a layoff notification letter to the affected employee(s). The supervisor is also responsible for coordinating with Employee Relations on the provision of any severance pay to eligible staff that are laid off in accordance with CWRU Policy.

Reorganization Request Guide

Reorganization Request Guide - Funding Related