Computer policy

Eligibility for school-provided computers

Computers will be provided to: 

  • Full time faculty
  • Field faculty advisors
  • Staff, administrators, post-docs
  • Departments for use by student workers
  • Adjunct or visiting faculty with offices on campus
  • Emeritus faculty with offices on campus
  • Classrooms - funded by UTech MSASS, maintained by Mediavision

UTech will not provide computers to:

  • Students (doctoral, graduate or undergraduate)
  • Teaching assistants

Shared workstations may be provided for some individuals, for example adjunct faculty using the adjunct office will have access to a shared workstation; student employees may also be provided a shared workstation.

Computer Refresh

Guidelines for faculty and staff desktops and laptops:

  • Replace oldest machines first, starting with primary faculty and staff machines.
  • Mandel School UTech may replace an old computer with new purchased equipment or with equipment from inventory.
  • Issue one computer person. If a person has two offices, place equipment in office of their choosing. Secondary office may receive an older workstation if equipment is available.
  • Faculty or staff requesting a laptop must justify the change in computing equipment by completing the form provided.
  • Additions to standard laptop and desktop configurations will be billed to the department, discretionary account or research funds.
  • Typical age of computers up for refresh: Desktop - 5 years, Laptops - 4 years; Actual refresh date may depend on available funding or other factors.
  • For emeritus faculty, upon request for a computer refresh from the emeritus faculty member, UTech will consult with school leadership when deciding the refresh timeline and the replacement computer model.
  • When refreshing a computer, the old equipment will be returned to Mandel School UTech for redeployment in the school or recycling.

Leaving the University

  • Hardware and software purchased with university funds (Mandel School UTech, department, discretionary or research funds) and deployed to a faculty or staff member must be returned to Mandel School UTech when an employee leaves the university or takes a position outside of the Mandel School.

Approved August 2019