About Honorlock

Honorlock is an on-demand proctoring tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure that students follow guidelines for taking exams remotely. Honorlock uses AI to identify potential incidents of violations, which are then reviewed by certified proctoring staff. You will receive a report of any suspicious behavior, which they can review with the accompanying video. Honorlock can detect when students attempt to access test contents using a second device during the exam. 

Honorlock use is encouraged for midterms, finals, and similar high-stakes exams. It is available to you in Canvas by completing a Google Form request. While Honorlock provides a robustly monitored environment, there is a per student, per test cost to the university. As such we recommend that quizzes and other lower-stake testing be performed using Respondus.

The rapidly shifting social and educational landscape resulting from COVID-19 has necessitated significant alterations to the way in which your students will be engaging in the learning and assessment process. With these changes comes the need to consider some challenges students may be facing that are generally absent during in-person instruction. 

  • Some students may be in countries, areas, or residences where internet access is restricted, limited, or unavailable.
  • Students may have limited technology resources at home and may be sharing those resources with other family members.
  • Access to public locations where the internet would normally be available are closed.
  • Synchronous (real time) work can be a challenge for students in other time zones. Consider this when determining testing times.
  • Specifically with regard to the use of Honorlock:
    • Students may not have webcams or appropriate technology to complete a proctored exam. Please consider surveying your students to better understand what they have available.
    • Students may not have a private or quiet space in which to work. They may also experience frequent disruptions from others in the household.
    • Screen monitoring tools can be triggered by other family members and/or pets, creating false positives.

To use Honorlock, you will make a request via this google form. Please fill out this form for each Canvas course that will require access to Honorlock for high-stakes exams such as midterms, finals, and any exams in which monitoring is required for accreditation purposes.

  • Responses to this form will be reviewed each business day at 4pm. Courses submitted to this form before 4pm should gain access to Honorlock that day.
  • After the request has been processed, enable Honorlock in your course by editing the course navigation.
  • Once you've done this, you can then enable Honorlock for your exam.

* The Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Dental Medicine utilize an additional secure testing platform called ExamSoft. Honorlock works with ExamSoft. If you have questions about the use of Honorlock with ExamSoft, please contact SecureTesting@case.edu. *

We understand that students are in a unique situation and not everyone will be afforded the space or privacy to achieve these suggestions. Please contact your instructor if you feel you have concerns about or are not able to set up the recommended testing environment at your current location.

Suggestions for Successful Use

  • To get started, you will need Google Chrome and to download the Honorlock Chrome Extension. You can download the extension at www.honorlock.com/extension/install.
  • When you are ready to test, log into Canvas, go to your course, and click on your exam. Clicking Launch Proctoring will begin the Honorlock authentication process, where you will take a picture of yourself, show your ID, and complete a scan of your room. Honorlock will be recording your exam session by webcam as well as recording your screen.
  • Honorlock allows only a single monitor during testing.

For assistance with Honorlock

  • If you have issues with Honorlock during an exam, your first and best option for support is to click on the Live Chat option in the navigation menu on the right side of the screen. Contact Honorlock as a first step rather than asking your instructor.
  • Honorlock support is available 24/7/365. If you encounter any issues, you may contact us by live chat https://honorlock.com/support/, phone (844-243-2500), and/or email (support@honorlock.com).

For Instructors

Using Honorlock with Canvas - Instructions for setting up Honorlock for a quiz or test.

Create a Practice Exam in Canvas - Faculty Guide - Instructions for adding a basic practice exam to a course (Recommended)

How to View Your Honorlock Results - Instructions for accessing exam reports and reviewing incidents

How to Use Honorlock (Faculty) (Video) - Enabling Honorlock for an exam, selecting options, adding guidelines for students and proctors

For Students

Download and Install Google Chrome (if you don't already have Chrome on your computer)

Honorlock Student FAQ - Quick start guide covering installation and preparation for using Honorlock

Uploading a File During an Exam - Instructions for uploading a file during an exam

How to Use Honorlock (Student) - Tutorial for taking an Honorlock-enabled exam

Completing a Room Scan Using Honorlock (Video) - Demonstration of a proper room scan before starting an exam

Additional Support

Need additional help? Send an email to securetesting@case.edu. You can also contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at (216) 368-HELP, help@case.edu - Attn: Secure Testing.