Mail Order Pharmacy

The University's mail order pharmacy is MedImpact Direct Mail® (MID).  MID provides home delivery for the medicine(s) you take routinely for conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Get a 90-day supply with one payment. You may save money, as copayments are often lower than what you would pay for a 90-day supply at retail pharmacies.

To get started sign up online, by mail, or have your doctor submit your prescription(s) electronically.

Create an account at MID by clicking the Register Now button. Type in the member identification number from your member ID card, first name, last name, and date of birth. Once signed in, select the medicine(s) you need to refill, your payment method, and where you want the medicine(s) shipped.

MID is committed to patient safety. When they receive a new prescription from your doctor without your prior consent, they will ask you to confirm the need for the shipment by text message, email or phone call.

To make sure you get your medicine(s) before your current supply runs out, place your order two weeks before you need your refill. Your medicine will be delivered right to your door within 10 days. Standard shipping is free. Need it sooner? Select expedited shipping for an added fee. Please note that prescriptions will still require 3-5 days processing time before they are shipped.

July 1, 2019 Transition from Direct Scripts to MedImpact Direct for Maintenance Medications

MedImpact, the company that manages the university’s overall prescription benefits, assumed responsibility for your maintenance medications starting July 1. 

If you have additional questions to those below, please email or call 216.368.6964.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Starting July 1, faculty and staff who received maintenance prescriptions through Direct Scripts will receive them from MedImpact Direct (MedImpact’s mail-order pharmacy). 

You will need to register online with MedImpact Direct in June. MedImpact Direct plans to make online registration available to you starting June 1 at

Download instructions on how to register.

A. In most cases, Direct Scripts will be transferring that information to MedImpact Direct. You will be notified when that transfer has taken place so that you can confirm that your prescription information was transferred accurately. In some cases—for example, for prescriptions involving controlled substances—such transfers cannot occur. MedImpact Direct staff will work directly with those affected by this ban to ensure that you receive your medications as scheduled.

A. Once you have registered with MedImpact Direct, you and your providers will be able to submit your new maintenance prescriptions. The company will be able to begin processing those prescriptions starting June 17.

A. You (or your health care provider) should follow the same process you have used with Direct Scripts as in the past. 

A. This process does not change as a result of this transition. You (or your health care provider) should follow the same process you have used with your retail pharmacy as in the past. 

Your registration(s) with MedImpact were only to view claim history. MedImpact does not have your current health information or payment data, and that information cannot be transferred from Direct Scripts.

Yes. You should receive them no later than June 7. If you have not received the cards by then, please contact or 216.368.6964.

Your current prescriptions should continue to go through Direct Scripts until June 30. Your new maintenance prescriptions due to begin July 1 or later can be submitted to MedImpact Direct starting June 1; the company will be able to begin processing it June 17.

Direct Scripts begins filling prescriptions about three weeks before the refill date, and will be filling prescriptions through the end of the day June 30. The company typically sends an email to customers the fill or refill process begins, and again when the prescriptions are ready to ship.

If you have a prescription due to be refilled between July 1 and July 10 and have not received an email from Direct Scripts three weeks before the refill date, contact Direct Scripts at or 1.800.913.1846.

If you continue to have questions after communicating with Direct Scripts, please contact or 216.368.6964.

You should contact the company directly at or 1.800.913.1846. If you continue to have questions after communicating with Direct Scripts, please contact or 216.368.6964.

New prescriptions will be needed for prescriptions that have no refills remaining. New prescriptions also will be needed for those prescriptions that are expired, have never been filled, or contain one or more of the controlled substances not permitted to be transferred in this manner.

You should check your MedImpact Direct account online starting July 2 to determine whether your prescription was transferred.

MedImpact, the parent company of MedImpact Direct, launched 30 years ago and now serves more than 50 million people. The company has more than 800 employees, and its clients include the State of Arizona (since 2009), University of Michigan (which signed on in 2012) and Harvard Pilgrim Health (which signed on in 2017). 

A. We've put together a helpful step-by-step guide to walk you through the registration process for MedImpact Direct. Download it today.