COVID-19 and Work

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers related to COVID-19. This page will be updated as information becomes available. Other HR information related to COVID-19 is found here.

Those who are new and starting work at CWRU

Please consult with the HR Employment Team. Your supervisor will work with employment to determine your date of employment and where you will work.

The HR Employment Team will schedule a virtual orientation for new staff members.

Most new employee paperwork may be completed through electronic means. The federal form I-9 requires the employer to inspect the employee’s documents.

The HR Employment Team will coordinate efforts with Environmental Health and Safety and communicate to the new employee.

The HR Employment Team will coordinate efforts with Health Services and communicate to the new employee.

Employees can make an appointment to visit Human Resources and turn in paperwork. Contact Human Resources at 216.368.6964 or You may return your Benelect Enrollment Packet electronically via the secure cloud content management website, Box, at Ask HR Box. When returning, please make sure to include dependent documentation at the time of submission for anyone else you may be covering. If you choose to cover a spouse/spouse equivalent you will also need to complete the Working Spouse Premium to note that they either have access to other health insurance and you will therefore be charged the additional $100 premium or that they do not have access to other health insurance so you are eligible to waive the additional premium. You will receive a confirmation email from once your documents have been uploaded.   

For supervisors

Benefits questions

Please contact the HR Benefits Office at 216.368.5000. Additionally, documents can be sent to through Box. If an employee can’t use Box, PHI should be blacked out, and the employee should call to provide information over the phone.

General questions

For any additional questions, please contract the HR Service Center at 216.368.6964 or between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.