Bereavement/Funeral Leave

Title: Bereavement/Funeral Leave
Approved by
Date Approved:
Effective Date: 06/03/2019
Responsible Official: Vice President of Human Resources
Responsible University Office: HR Employee Relations
Revision History: 01/01/2014
Related Legislation and University policies: Sick Pay Policy; Vacation Policy
Review Period: 5 years
Date of Last Review
Relates to: executive staff, senior staff, and staff
Exclusions: None

Policy Statement

Employees can use up to a total of eight (8) days annually of their unused paid sick days for bereavement. The number of paid days available for bereavement leave will be reduced by any paid leave taken for family illness and family medical leave the employee has taken.

Employees who do not have any paid sick time left can use vacation time. Employees who do not have any paid sick or vacation time left and employees in orientation would have to take the time unpaid.

For purposes of paid bereavement leave, a year is determined by the employee’s anniversary date.

Employees are encouraged to reach out to the university's Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program, which provides professional phone support 24/7/365, and five free face-to-face counseling sessions.