Sick Days (Benefit Category 2, 3)

Policy no. IV-10
Effective date: 1/1/2014
Scope: staff
Exclusions: faculty, executive staff, senior staff, and temporary employees

Policy Statement

The following schedule states the sick days available for absences due to personal or family illness, personal medical, family medical, and parenting reasons Under the Family Medical Leave Act Policy IV-8. Years of service are based on anniversary date. An employee may accrue unused balances from year to year. An employee may draw from their sick day balance up to a maximum of 26 weeks within any twelve month time period for personal medical leaves.  This accrual applies to leave time only and is not included in termination pay calculations.

Years of Service

Paid Time Off

3 months to < 1 year

5 days per year

1 to <5 years

10 days per year

5+ years

15 days per year

Employees have the option to use up to a total of eight (8) days annually of their unused paid sick days for bereavement, parenting for foster custody care, or family illness or family medical reasons.  Employees who are on an approved family medical or family military service member leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act can use up to twelve (12) sick days annually for this leave (minus any sick days they may have taken for bereavement, parenting for foster care, or family illness not covered by Family and Medical Leave Act leave).

Non-exempt employees can take sick days in one-hour increments, and exempt employees must take sick days in half –day or whole-day increments.

Employees who qualify for leave under FMLA are also eligible for Paid Parental Leave for natural childbirth care and/or adoption and should refer to the Paid Parental Leave policy IV-14

Employees must use all unused vacation days after they have exhausted their sick day allowance prior to commencing an unpaid personal medical leave.  Employees must also use all unused vacation days prior to commencing an unpaid family medical or parenting leave. See also the Paid Parental Leave policy IV-14 for parenting leaves for childbirth or adoption.

Documentation will be required by the Employee Relations Office for all intermittent leaves and leaves exceeding 5 consecutive days.


Policy Administration: Joint responsibility of supervisor with the Employee Relations Office.

References: Family and Medical Leave Act, 1993; Absence for Personal Medical, Family Medical, and Parenting Reasons Under the FMLA Policy (IV-8), Administering Leaves for Personal Medical, Parenting and Family Medical Reasons Under the FMLA Procedure (IV-8a), Other Leaves (IV-11), Adoption Leave (IV-13), Paid Parental Leave (IV-14).