Vacations and Planned Leave

Case Western Reserve University understands the importance of time off to balance your work and personal life. As a Case Western Reserve employee, you have access to vacation days for recreational, religious, cultural and other personal reasons.


Vacation days for faculty are assumed within the term designated in each faculty member's appointment letter.  


Staff employees accrue vacation days monthly and may use them after the days are earned at any point during the fiscal year after successfully completing orientation.  

Unused earned vacation days can also be carried over to the next fiscal year - see the Vacation Policy for the Calculating Vacation Days chart. The maximum amount of vacation days that can be carried over cannot exceed an employee’s maximum annual allowance and must be used within the next fiscal year.

New Hires

New hires are able to use earned vacation days after completing the employment orientation period.

Using Vacation Days

Vacation days can be used at your discretion and with your supervisor's approval. In order to be approved, your request to use vacation days must be:

  • pre-scheduled and coordinated with other time off and
  • used in whole- or half-day increments.

Purchasing Vacation Days

If you are in good standing with at least one year of service, you may request to purchase an additional five (5) to twenty (20) vacation days each fiscal year. Purchased vacation days must be used within the fiscal year and will be evenly deducted from each paycheck during that fiscal year.

To purchase vacation days, you must:

Requests must be submitted by June 15th in order to process them for the upcoming fiscal year.