About the Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

Welcome CWRU Faculty and Students!

The mission of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is to assist and lead the successful commercialization of innovations created at CWRU. As steward of the intellectual property assets of CWRU, the TTO has resources to protect the rights of both the inventor and the university, and to assess the commercial potential of new discoveries. The TTO also seeks to educate the university faculty, staff and students and the regional community on issues such as intellectual property, standard licensing practices, and the formation of new ventures.

Our professional staff possesses a mix of business, technical, scientific, legal, and venture capital experience so that we can effectively and efficiently handle the wide variety of tasks for which our office is responsible. We take the job of protecting your discoveries very seriously, and to that end, we are always available to discuss your research with you and to offer advice or guidance on intellectual property issues or university policies. For our intellectual property (IP) policy, please visit the CWRU IP Policy page.

Our Activities Include:

  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
  • Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs)
  • Filing patent applications
  • Innovation assessment and patent development
  • Intellectual property sponsor reporting (e.g., federal iEdison and/or foundation reporting)
  • Grant application support (IP disposition plans)
  • License Agreements
  • New Enterprise Development (Startups or Spinoffs)
  • IP educational programs for students and faculty
  • Corporate venture financing and governance participation
  • Regional and state economic development collaboration and representation