Honoraria and Payment Requests

Honoraria Payments for Guest Speakers

Honoria may be requested to pay guest speakers for classes, colloquium or other events; authorship; writing or editing assistance. Those individuals who request “fee for services” will not be issued honoraria payments and those payments must follow the requisition process. Please contact the Finance and Administration office for assistance with requisitions.

Honoraria payments for Guest Speakers in SASS Courses should go to the Guest Speaker Payment Request Form or contact mandelacademicaffairs@case.edu.

For all other honoraria payment requests, please contact Rachel Blake, Director of Finance, for payments made from Departmental budgets OR Tatiana Riedel, Assistant Director of Research Administration, for payment made from Research/External Funding.

In order for an honoraria payment to be requested, the following documentation must be included with your request:

  • Confirmation of honoraria arrangement in writing
  • Proof of engagement (e-mail confirmation, event flyer/poster, etc.)
  • Completed Honoraria Recipient Information Form (if this is their first engagement at the school).

Reimbursement for Travel Related Expenses for Guest Speakers

Travel related expenses for quest speakers may be reimbursed with prior approval of the budget authority. Reimbursements must be itemized and requested in writing with original receipts (including proof of payment) for all expenses listed on the Statement of Travel Expense form.

  • Airfare: The cost of coach airfare will be reimbursed. Ticket receipt must include e-ticket number. Receipts must be submitted for any additional baggage charges.
  • Mileage: Mileage will be reimbursed based on the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate based on the date of travel OR at the approved mileage rate provided by external funder for any grant/training/project related expenses.
  • Car Rental: Reimbursed with itemized receipt. Car Rental Fuel is also reimbursable with receipt.
  • Hotel: Cost of standard room will be reimbursed with an itemized receipt. Charges for laundry, fitness, spa, in-room movies, or other recreational expenses are not reimbursable. Meals charged directly to the room require itemized receipts.
  • Meals: Meal expenses are reimbursable with an itemized receipt. Any meal purchase without an itemized receipt will be reimbursed at the meal allowance amount or actual amount indicated on credit card receipt (whichever is the lesser value). Meal allowance amounts are $10 for breakfast, $12 for lunch, and $26 for dinner.
  • Parking & Toll Charges: reimbursable with receipt.
  • Taxi/Uber/Lyft/Car Service: reimbursable with receipt. Please indicated starting and end points if not listed on receipt.