Mandel School Alcohol Policy

Self-consumption of alcohol is non-reimbursable. Business meals will be reimbursed, but alcohol purchases will be removed reducing the amount to be reimbursed.

Business meals where a non-Case Western Reserve University attendee is present may be reimbursed for alcohol only for the reasonable* consumption of alcohol by the non-CWRU guest(s), when paid for by the employee. The employee’s consumption of alcohol at that same meal will be not be reimbursed. Additionally, any alcohol consumed by other CWRU employees in attendance at that same meal will also not be reimbursed.

Exceptions to this policy may be made. Please contact Rachel Blake, Director of Finance, prior to the business meal for exception approval. Exceptions requested at reimbursement will not be approved.

For reimbursement: an itemized receipt should be submitted indicating all alcohol consumed by the CWRU employee. Cross off alcohol line item(s) from receipt to be removed from the reimbursement. Additionally, any alcohol consumed by the non-CWRU guest(s) should be indicated separately for inclusion in reimbursement by placing an “A” next to the guest’s alcohol item(s). When submitting the itemized receipt, please include the name of the non-CWRU guest(s), their affiliation(s) and business purpose of meal.

Any alcohol purchased as part of the business meal should be charged to account code 599020.

Alcohol includes, but is not limited to: beer, malt beverages, wine, mixed drinks and hard liquor.

*Amounts expended for the purchase of alcohol must be reasonable. For purposes of this policy, reasonable is defined as no more than $20 per person (excluding taxes and tip).