Episode 30: What Are Post-Bac Programs? Hear Experts from Bryn Mawr and WashU in St. Louis

Glenn Cummings

Let’s talk about Post-Bac programs.  Who are they for and why would somebody need one? What are the different types of Post-Bac programs?  Well, this episode is going to get to the bottom of these questions with two veteran Post-Bac Directors, Dr. Glenn Cummings from Bryn Mawr College and Elizabeth Fogt from Washington University in St. Louis.  These two are not only program directors but also act in an admissions role as evaluators of applicants to their programs. This makes for a very interesting conversation and you will learn what it means to be an “Unconditional Applicant.” 

Elizabeth Fogt



Bryn Marw: postbac@brynmawr.edu

WashU: postbaccpremed@wustl.edu