Foreign Visitors & Visa Applications

Immigration Services- Hiring Foreign Nationals

Case Western Reserve University welcomes all foreign nationals into our community and is prepared to help them begin or continue their career here.

The Office of Immigration and Human Resources Services (IHRS) facilitates immigrant/permanent resident status, is responsible for employment eligibility verification (I-9) and W-4 tax status confirmation, and determines employees are eligible for tax treaty exemption benefits under the Internal Revenue Service.

The School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources is no longer involved in the processing of School of Medicine visa paperwork. All visa materials should be submitted directly to Office of Immigration and Human Resources Services (IHRS).

Email for more information or to get started.

Permanent Residency Applications

CWRU sponsorship of permanent residency (“green card”) applications for appropriate SOM faculty and staff: appropriate faculty and staff comprise those who are a) employed by CWRU or UHMG or by both; b) are currently holding a non-exchange visitor eligible visa (i.e. student and J visa holders are not eligible for the program but may be eligible if they obtain an H-1B or other non-exchange visitor eligible visa); and c) are engaged in activities that have the potential to provide a long-term benefit to the school, the university and/or the nation.

The School of Medicine and the university will support permanent residency applications on behalf of faculty members holding a tenure track appointment. Please forward the following items to the Office of Immigration and Human Resource Services, 215 Crawford Hall, Location Code 7047:

  1. A letter from the faculty member requesting sponsorship;
  2. The faculty member’s CV.

Requests for the Dean’s approval of a permanent residency application on behalf of a faculty member holding an appointment not on the tenure track OR a staff member’s permanent residency application should include:

  1. Since Department of Labor regulations require that the fees be paid by the employer and prohibit their payment by the beneficiary, identification of the speedtype number to which the fees, estimated at $5,500, will be charged;
  2. Using this Form Letter provided , a letter co-signed by the staff/faculty member’s faculty mentor or supervisor and the department chair;
  3. The faculty/staff member’s current CV.

All permanent residency paperwork should be submitted by email directly to, cc'ing The Office of Faculty Affairs does not review student visa requests. Please contact the Center for International Affairs. The Office of Faculty Affairs does not review visas for postdoctoral fellows/scholars. Please contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.