Graduate Student Experience

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Isaac Anaya, Student Success Specialist 

Graduate Education Office Sears Tower, TG01-C 
10900 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44106 

Phone: 216.368.6052

Student Personnel

Your experience with the School of Medicine goes beyond the classroom. We not only care about you as a student, but also as a person. Our staff includes a Student Success Specialist, supporting all Masters and PhD students by providing clarity on graduate policy, oversight and coordination for activities that will elevate students' experience. Our goal is to establish initiatives to create a safe, positive, and nurturing environment for our diverse college community in the School of Medicine and University.

  • Connect students to resources within the School of Medicine, Graduate Studies and CWRU.
  • Clarify and confirm the rules and procedures of the School of Medicine, Graduate Studies and CWRU.
  • Assist enrolled graduate students.

Student Retention Sessions

Full-time professional staff member Isaac Anaya provides holistic retention counseling to assist graduate and professional scholars with their transition to Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine community and programs and to ensure they have the tools and resources necessary to complete their degree. Meetings focus on factors impacting student retention and experience including personal wellness, social adjustment and integration, expanding on student relationships and family support, student safety, time management and education and research application, exploration, and degree attainment. Success Coaching leads to progress and working with graduate and professional students ensures their personal and career goals directly align with their academic strengths.