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Interested in pursuing a master’s degree to gain research experience, prepare for medical school or a PhD program, or take your career to the next level? Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine offers a variety of master’s programs designed to get you there. 

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Aerospace Physiology
Aerospace Physiology

The study of the physical and cognitive impact an extreme environment has upon an individual. 

Two students using hololens equipment to analyze the human nervous system

Rigorous training in anatomy to build a foundation for, or in conjunction with, medical school. 

Two students in full scrubs work with a dummy to practice anesthesiology

Clinically based and hands-on, graduates of this program work on anesthesia care teams.

Test tubes of various colors in holders on a table

Full- or part-time program for those building careers in medicine, research, teaching or biotech.

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Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Advanced training in bioethics for students and professionals who want to build on their expertise.

Two scientists in lab coats looking at brain scans
Biomedical and Health Informatics

Research and clinical care informatics combine to prepare students for careers in precision medicine.

Students working on a dry erase board

Learn to work with complex data that has real-world applications in health care, population health and biomedical research.

A person performing an experiment using scientific beakers and pipettes.

Be at the forefront of a rapidly growing field with with three possible pathways — biochemistry, neurosciences or pharmacology.

Two doctors talking while walking through a hallway
Clinical Research

Provides in-depth training on clinical research methods and mentored investigative experiences.

A DNA sequence on a dark background
Genetic Counseling

Train to become a genetic counselor in a patient-care or research setting or a commercial lab.

A female doctor talking with colleagues
Medical Physiology

Prepare for medical or dental school with this rigorous curriculum that includes a research path.

Fruit and vegetables in a heart shaped bowl next to an apple sitting on a stethoscope

A full- or part-time program to prepare for a career or build a foundation for medical, dental or another professional school.

Female scientist looking through microscope
Pathology (Molecular and Cellular)

Study Immunology, Neurodegeneration, Cancer, or Pathology on your way to MD/DO, PhD, or Residency Programs.

Three medical professionals looking at a monitor
Physician Assistant

A full-time program within the School of Medicine prepares students for their role in health care delivery in a range of clinical settings.

Five women in pink shirts pose together for a photo
Public Health

Develop, implement, and evaluate authentic solutions to community health problems that promote the health of diverse populations.

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Public Health Nutrition

Earn a graduate degree to promote health and reduce the risk of chronic disease and advance the nutritional health of our population.

A lab technician using a syringe to put contents into a vial
Regenerative Medicine and Entrepreneurship

An interdisciplinary program that provides clinical experiences and insight into business development in this emerging field.

A lab tech looking at a screen with DNA Sequencing
Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Combining research and computational work to provide students with a rich base of knowledge about complex biological systems. 

Student leading presentation
Translational Pharmaceutical Science

Understand a drug’s journey from lab to shelf in this interdisciplinary program that prepares you for the pharmaceutical industry.

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