Financial Aid Process

Important Financial Aid Dates

October 1, 2021:  FAFSA application is available

December 2021:  CWRU financial aid application will become available

March 1, 2022:  New MD Student Financial Aid Deadline 

April 1, 2022: Current MD Student Financial Aid Deadline 

May 1, 2022: All PA and MSA Students Financial Aid Deadline

MD Students:

Applications for School of Medicine Aid received after the deadline may result in no need-based financial aid being available for medical students. It is your responsibility to ensure timely completion of all required materials. Failure to complete the application process by the deadline may jeopardize your being considered for grants and loans that may be available from the School of Medicine.

The School of Medicine Office of Financial Aid processes applications for Medical (MD) and Physician Assistant (PA), and Anesthesia (MSA) students. Accepted applicants may apply for financial aid through the following processes. Citizenship/permanent residency is required for aid eligibility.

It is important for your planning, as well as ours, that you submit all application materials promptly. Delayed submission of application materials may also cause a delay in receiving funds, which can result in a late fee charge on your tuition bill.

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