Yes, we understand people's concerns regarding this sensitive information and you are welcome to remove the SSN's for you and your family members.

We understand that this can be a confusing process, especially if you're doing this process with multiple medical schools.  Please send your documents to us by uploading them into the My Financial Aid portal documents section. We will not accept tax forms by mail, email, or fax.  

Make sure that the documents are in PDF format. Please do not submit pictures, as our system is unable to read them. If you try this and still have trouble, call our office.

Please make sure to translate the necessary financial information sections (i.e. wages, gross income, business income, investments, etc.) to English and convert all monetary information to USD. Make sure to label the documents as converted, so we know that the currency is correct. Most students who need to do this have been successful in using a PDF editor to write directly on the foreign tax form.

Once you submit documents, you will see a change in the portal where your newly uploaded document will be marked as "Received". It is a manual process us to review each document and approved it for use in the process. Check the portal a few days after you submit your documents to ensure they have been updated as "Approved". If we have a specific concern or question about your documents, we will reach out to you via your CWRU email address.

Please see our Aid Process Overview page to see the disbursement schedule.

This depends on your prior aid package. A Rollover package is appropriate for someone who received need-based aid in the prior aid year, and they want the same aid package again. Federal Loans Only is appropriate for someone who only receives federal loans, or who receives federal loans and the merit award only.

Please visit our Refund/Cash Advance Policy page to determine your eligibility for a cash advance.