Funding & Forms

A variety of funding sources are available to help offset some student expenditures, generously given by many donors. These funds are specifically earmarked for student research presentations, emergencies, and helping students with the most financial need. Continue reading for more information.


Student Conference Travel Support

Medical students are eligible to request a travel stipend from the School of Medicine to attend events or activities up to $500 once per year. A complete application must be submitted by the 15th of each month. Approval is not guaranteed. Priority will be given to students who are presenting their work.

NOTE: Receiving funding support does not give students permission to miss required curricular activities or events. Students must obtain approval from their Society Dean advisor in advance. All approvals must be documented in advance. Students will receive a response by email within 45 days of your submission. Students in the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine or the Medical Scientist Training Program do not qualify for this travel support.

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Emergency Funds

Emergency Funds are set aside for unplanned expenses or financial emergencies. Some common examples include catastrophic life events, emergency travel, housing insecurity, food insecurity, transportation insecurity, and unexpected bills. 

After notifying their  Society Dean, the student must meet with the Office of Financial Aid ( Students may request additional loan disbursements if they have not accepted the maximum amount allotted for the year. 

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for the main campus Student Emergency Fund through the CWRU University Dean of Students Office. The fund can assist students with up to $500 per semester. Students experiencing financial hardship due to unforeseen physical or mental health expenses can apply for the main campus Student Health Emergency Fund through CWRU Student Health and Counseling Services.

After reviewing financial aid options and applying for university funds, students may apply for SOM Emergency Funds (linked below). The request must include details of the emergency and resulting costs (including estimates, receipts, other sources of support, and any other documentation about the emergency).  

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Level-Up Funds

The School of Medicine Level-Up Funds are for non-emergencies, such as costs associated with academic success and may include study aids, educational materials, professional attire, and attendance at key professional conferences not related to research activities. These funds are available only to students with demonstrated financial need. 

For travel related to professional conferences that are not research-related, priority will be given to students in local, regional, or national leadership positions. Students must consult with their Society Dean and request any necessary absences. The student group’s faculty advisor should also be approached about potential scholarships that may be available. 

Students are expected to explore resources and scholarships available through student interest groups such as the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), the CWRU AMA chapter, and other student groups. Students may also apply for the CSR Professional Development Award.

Students may apply for the SOM Level-Up Funds through the application link below. Requests should include specific information including specific needs with rationale and estimated amounts.


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