LCME Announcements

July 1, 2023

LCME Survey Visit Dates Confirmed for March 2-5, 2025

The survey visit is an integral part of our ongoing accreditation. This visit offers an opportunity to observe the School of Medicine, assess its suitability for accreditation, identify potential challenges, and foster collaboration among stakeholders. Prior to the site visit, the LCME will conduct a full analysis of the data collection instrument (DCI) and other information sources, including the independent student analysis (ISA). Documentation for our March 2025 visit will be submitted to the LCME no later than December 9th, 2024. We thank everyone in advance for your commitment to helping us meet these requirements. 

LCME Leadership Selected

Dr. Lia Logio has been selected as the Faculty Accreditation Lead (FAL) for our upcoming reaccreditation. The FAL is a senior faculty member who is knowledgeable about the medical school and its educational program and is able to identify institutional policies and ensure participation by members of the administration, faculty, and student body before and during the survey visit. In her FAL duties, Dr. Logio will be supported by Lesa Goodman, the LCME Site Visit Coordinator (SVC), who will manage site visit logistics.