Great Minds Fellowship

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The Great Minds Fellowship funded through the state of Ohio provides financial support to students pursuing clinical behavioral health (i.e., substance abuse and mental health) related degrees. Expanding the behavioral health workforce in Ohio is a critical imperative to address the growing mental health and substance abuse needs within the state. With a rising number of individuals seeking support for various mental health challenges, addiction issues, and related concerns, there is an urgent need for a larger and more diverse pool of trained professionals.

The expansion of the behavioral health workforce is necessary to improve access to timely and quality care and also ensure that individuals receive the specialized treatment and interventions they require. By investing in the recruitment, training, and retention of mental health counselors, therapists, social workers, and substance abuse professionals, Ohio can enhance its capacity to effectively address the complex and evolving behavioral health needs of its residents, ultimately contributing to better overall well-being and a stronger, more resilient community.

Great Minds Fellowship Amount

  • up to $10,000 for MSW students


  1. Enrolled in the Master of Social Work program
    1. Open to all formats at the Mandel School (i.e, weekly, online and weekend formats).
    2. Good academic standing with a cumulative g.p.a. 3.0 or higher in the MSW program.
    3. Student must be within two years of graduation when receiving the first award allotment.
  2. Must be an Ohio resident at the time of the application. The Great Minds Fellowship is funded through the state of Ohio. Their criteria requires that recipients of the award be US Citizens, Permanent  Residents or Refugees that are residents of the state of Ohio.
    1. If you are not an Ohio resident, below is a brief summary on the steps to be considered an Ohio resident.
      1. The student is expected to live in Ohio for a full 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the term for which they are applying for residency.
      2. The student should demonstrate their intent to become an Ohio resident by transferring any items of registration to Ohio such as a driver's license, automobile registration, and voter registration (if applicable).
  3. Upon receiving the funds, graduate within 2 years
  4. Complete a field experience at an approved Community Behavioral Health Center
  5. Commit to working in a Community Behavioral Health Center for one year post graduation


Apply for the Great Minds Fellowship

Current students can contact Julie Payner, Assistant Director for Financial Aid, at for questions about the Great Minds Fellowship.