Mandel School Newsletters and Google Groups

Faculty, staff and students have all expressed a desire to reduce email clutter. Instead of sending out an email to one of the Google Groups, please consider submitting your news, information or request item to the appropriate administrator for inclusion in either or both of the newsletters listed below. Please contact an administrator if you’re not sure which newsletter is the appropriate venue, if you have questions regarding typical content, or if you want to be added to the distribution list. Occasionally, it may still be necessary to send an individual email due to the timing or nature of the news or event. However, please be courteous and consider submitting to a newsletter instead.

Newsletters (sent bi-weekly)

Newsletter Administrators Submissions Due Archives
Mandel Memo | 
News for Faculty & Staff
Melanie Klass
Craig Zullig
5 p.m. Thursday • Mandel Memo
• Staff Plan-it
Mandel Roundup | 
News for Students

Melanie Klass

5 p.m. Friday • The Mandel Roundup
• Student Services News

Typical Newsletter Content

Mandel Memo: Information for all faculty and staff regarding teaching and learning matters, training opportunities, announcements and reminders that may impact the workplace, and upcoming events and deadlines.

The Mandel Roundup: Information for students including actionable announcements and reminders about registration, commencement and professional organization membership. Featured events must be on campus and/or eligible for PD credit. An option for remote participation is strongly encouraged since distribution includes students in all formats. Job postings are not included; those are posted via Handshake which serves as a central resource for both students and recent graduates.

Google Groups

Faculty and staff

Note: Full-time faculty members may be on more than one list, but if you want to reach all faculty, you will need to email all three faculty lists.



If you need to be added to a group, removed from a group or need to contact a group to which you do not belong, contact Karoline Kramer.