Equity in College Health and Well-being

Jumpstarting CWRU's Work with the Equity in Mental Health Framework

To promote the health and well-being of students of color with intentional, evidence-based programming and services delivered through a campus-wide system of support. 

What is the Equity in Mental Health Framework? 

The Steve Fund and JED recently published the Equity in Mental Health Framework that contains recommendations and key implementation strategies to guide campuses in supporting the mental health and emotional well-being for students of color. 

Equity in Mental Health Framework Recommendations

  1. Identify and promote the mental health and well-being of students of color as a campus-wide priority
  2. Engage students to provide guidance and feedback on matters of student mental health and emotional well-being
  3. Actively recruit, train and retain a diverse and culturally competent faculty and professional staff
  4. Create opportunities to engage around national and international issues/events
  5. Create dedicated roles to support well-being and success of students of color
  6. Support and promote accessible, safe communication with campus administration and an effective response system
  7. Offer a range of supportive programs and services in varied formats
  8. Help students learn about programs and services by advertising and promoting through multiple channels. 
  9. Identify and utilize culturally relevant and promising programs and practices, and collect data on effectiveness
  10. Participate in resource and information sharing (within and between schools)

Why Now? 

CWRU and UHCS are committed to the health and well-being of all students. We recognize the unique needs of students of color and barriers that may prevent them from utilizing services. The steps of this framework will allow us to examine our progress and look for opportunities to build trust, decrease stigma, increase help-seeking, and develop specialized services. 

What does CWRU Bring to the Framework? 

  • Energy
  • Commitment
  • Innovation

Applying CWRU Innovation to the Framework

  • Mental Health is Health
  • Outcomes That Matter to Students
  • Quality Improvement Methods
  • We use an integrated approach to mental health and well-being
  • We focus on thriving, belonging, and retention in addition to traditional health outcomes. 
  • We make sure any change we make is an improvement by planning it, trying it, observing the results, and acting on what is learned.

Initial Project Deliverables: 

  • Creation of Advisory Group comprised of students, staff, faculty, and external stakeholders
  • Completion of focus groups to gain insight into the experiences and needs of students of color at CWRU related to mental health and well-being
  • Plans for implementation of the Healthy Minds Study with Diversity and Inclusivity Modules to collect standardized data on student perspectives regarding mental health, symptoms that may indicate problem areas, and campus-based mental health service utilization
  • Conference (Virtual) Co-hosted by CWRU and JED