Duties and Responsibilities of Various Engineer Levels (exempt, working 40-hour week)

161031 Engineer 1 (salary grade 15)

Engineer 1 Job Description Template

  • Work under general supervision
  • Support complex scientific and research programs related to area of specialization; analyze data, monitor and oversee experimental process, and design and develop prototypes, specialized equipment, and/or systems
  • Receive supervision on new aspects of the work and on difficult problems
  • Perform specific aspects of a broader engineering problem
  • Apply methods and techniques, adjust and correlate data, determine errors in results, and follow the operation through a series of related steps to completion
  • Exercise judgment on certain details of the work and in assisting in making preliminary selections and adoptions of possible alternatives
  • May be assisted in work by a technician or student helper
  • Bachelor's in engineering and 0 to 2 years of professional engineering experience

161032 Engineer 2 (salary grade 17)

Engineer 2 Job Description Template

  • Work under limited supervision
  • Work is assigned as an objective to be reached and is reviewed for application of sound professional judgment
  • Independently evaluate, select, and apply techniques, procedures, and criteria using their own judgment in making adaptations
  • Investigate a number of possible variables and often there are no precedents for the choices that must be made
  • Design and develop complex and specialized equipment, instruments, or systems; coordinate detailed phases of work related to responsibility for part of a major project or for an entire project of moderate scope.
  • Develop technical and methodological solutions to complex engineering/ scientific problems requiring independent analytical thinking and advanced knowledge.
  • Develop creative new or improved equipment, materials, technologies, processes, methods, or software important to the advancement of the field.
  • Contribute technical expertise, and perform basic research and development in support of programs/ projects; act as adviser/ consultant in area of specialty.
  • Contribute to portions of published articles or presentations; prepare and write reports; draft and prepare scientific papers.
  • May supervise technicians in the completion of assignments. Provide technical direction to other staff, associates, and/ or students, as needed.
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering and 3 to 5 years of professional engineering experience

161033 Engineer 3 (salary grade 19)

Engineer 3 Job Description Template

  • Work with a high degree of independence and under general direction
  • Provide leadership and scientific expertise in the planning and implementation of major projects, services, and/ or activities utilizing virtual freedom of action within authorized results
  • Develop advanced technological ideas, and guide their development into a final product or new approaches to research. Carry out complex or unique assignments important to the advancement of the field
  • Provide expert consultation and collaboration regarding technical requirements, capabilities, and advancement opportunities; make substantive contributions in diverse technical areas
  • Make independent decisions on theory, problems and method in an attempt to develop new or improved techniques, procedures or equipment
  • Apply intensive and diversified knowledge of engineering principles in specialty areas
  • Provide technical direction to other research staff, engineering associates, technicians, and/or students; facilitate workshops and demonstrations on research methods; educate and train users on research methodology and effective tools and techniques
  • Contribute to or co-author published articles, presentations, or scientific papers; identify research and development funding opportunities. 
  • Supervise staff and resources to meet program objectives. 
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering and 6 or more years of professional engineering experience (a new hire should rarely occur at this level)