Library Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities of Various Library Assistant Levels nonexempt, working 37.5-hour week)

155061 Library Assistant 1 (salary grade SGL1)

Library Assistant 1 Job Description Template

  • Routine and repetitive at basic level
  • Close supervision; work is checked except for routine tasks
  • No interpretation of policies and procedures
  • Perform routine office and administrative tasks under close supervision with assignments clearly defined
  • Perform non-standard duties as assigned
  • Perform routine circulation functions (changes, discharges, recalls, holds, traces, etc.)
  • Shelve materials; photocopy; distribute mail, loose-leaf filing, shifting materials, etc.
  • Process basic interlibrary loan requests and refer problems
  • Assist in processing new library materials
  • Search for cataloging copy/ record in resource database
  • Assist in daily check-in of several items
  • Answer routine and directional questions from patrons and staff, referring more complex inquires
  • Identify, understand and responds to routine student and customer needs
  • Provide preliminary basic screening and initial services to students and customers and refer unique/ complex situation to a higher level for action
  • Utilize appropriate technology as instructed to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Enter routine data in order to compile, prepare and submit necessary information
  • May monitor performance of student employees or assist with training of students
  • High school education and no experience

155062 Library Assistant 2 (salary grade SGL2)

Library Assistant 2 Job Description Template

  • Perform routine and repetitive tasks
  • Intermediate supervision; work is checked except for routine tasks
  • Basic policy and procedure interpretation
  • Prepare invoices, updates orders
  • Perform other basic administrative activities
  • Identify and resolve conflicts in circulation files, reserves, etc.
  • Monitor library materials for bindery and updating records perform routine bindery preparation
  • Provide information regarding availability of documents for loan
  • Process new library materials; check shipments for accuracy
  • Perform basic/routine acquisition including typing, ordering, receiving, referring problems, etc.
  • Perform routine copy/ cataloging and maintenance
  • Check-in and perform other routine processing of serials
  • Provide information and support to library patrons regarding services and support
  • Identify, understand and respond to routine customer needs
  • Track and/or compile various library data
  • Compile basic statistics and perform low-level troubleshooting
  • Use appropriate technology as instructed to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Perform technical duties requiring operational level skills and a basic knowledge of library practices and procedures
  • May monitor performance of student employees or assist with student trainings
  • High school education and 1-year experience

155063 Library Assistant 3 (salary grade SGL3)

Library Assistant 3 Job Description Template

  • Work of a general nature
  • General supervision; completed work is reviewed infrequently
  • Occasionally interprets policies and procedures
  • Responsible for a library unit in the absence of more senior level staff
  • Produce handouts, maps, signage and other directional aids
  • Oversee and maintain library materials, reading room areas, storage areas; search for missing items
  • Process variety of inter-library loan requests
  • Verify requests using online database and print resources
  • Communicate with patrons about status of requests
  • Resolve more routine acquisitions problems
  • Catalog materials using bibliographic records; update records; update and maintain shared online system
  • Place orders for subscriptions, standing orders and serial back volumes
  • Provide local computing expertise (e.g. advise users, maintain equipment)
  • Responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the department's automated record keeping system
  • Train and supervise student workers and assign duties; monitor and evaluates work performance
  • High school education and 2 years experience

155064 Library Assistant 4 (salary grade SGL4)

Library Assistant 4 Job Description Template

  • Specialist and moderately complex
  • Occasional supervision; work is subject to review within guidelines
  • Advanced knowledge of functional area policies and procedures
  • Perform difficult specialized duties which require frequent independent application of a limited professional knowledge of library policies and procedures
  • Organize workflow; oversee technical processing for public service duties
  • Serve as the final source of information about established policies and procedures
  • Proactive in suggesting and recommending procedures, etc. that would increase the efficiency in the area that they work or supervise
  • Implement special projects with limited supervision; assist with special projects
  • Contribute to the unit's programs, goals and objectives
  • Oversee major circulation activities during off-hours, including problem resolution and cash management
  • Assess space requirements for collections; determine any necessary adjustments in shelving system; organizes and oversees any required shifting of collection
  • Resolve missing shipment problems and other inquiries regarding the processing of loan requests
  • Perform complex acquisitions functions
  • Create online purchase records to coordinate acquisitions with various library areas
  • Solve complex serials problems and cataloging problems
  • Provide one-on-one training for faculty, students, and staff
  • Provide basic reference and directional reference services. Refers subject-specific questions to librarians
  • Responsible for records and statistics for a library unit; prepares a variety of statistical reports
  • Utilize appropriate technology to accomplish goals and objectives; analyzes moderately complex data in order to compile, prepare and submit necessary data
  • Hire, schedule and train staff and temporary employees and prepare performance evaluations
  • May supervise library assistant levels 1-3 and student employees
  • High school education and 4 years experience

155065 Library Assistant 5 (salary grade SGL5)

Library Assistant 5 Job Description Template

  • Advanced tasks
  • Work independently; work is subject to review when the solution of problems involves new interpretations of applications of established guidelines
  • Oversee a variety of administrative tasks
  • Participate in budget planning for operations
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Plan and implement special projects with limited supervision
  • Plan, handle and implement all aspects of complete projects with limited supervision. Handle details including budget, personnel and financial analysis
  • Responsible for the creation of manuals, development and continual implementation of library systems
  • Under direction of a librarian, coordinate activities involved in the operation of a unit and/or perform duties of a paraprofessional nature
  • Oversee highest-profile circulation areas including staffing and user services
  • Perform highest-level preservation work
  • Technical resource to resolve interlibrary loan problems
  • Interact with other libraries regarding the most complex interlibrary loans
  • Authorize the receipt of shipment of materials
  • Correspond with vendors regarding incomplete or duplicate shipments
  • Coordinate acquisition routines related to reviewing receiving, claiming and problem-solving
  • Resolve complex serial record problems (e.g. persistent problems with vendor, persistent complaints from a service point, or bibliographic problems requiring knowledge of serial cataloging policies and procedures)
  • Perform the most complex level of copy cataloging in any format
  • Provide more complex reference and research strategy assistance to faculty, students, and other library users. Refers subject-specific questions to librarians
  • May provide classroom training and instructional materials for faculty, students, and staff
  • Provide more complex data analysis activities using higher-level spreadsheet and database formulas
  • May supervise library assistants, student workers, other supportive staff
  • Assign and review works, train in methods and procedures, and make promotional and other personnel recommendations
  • High school education and 6 years experience