Research Technician

Duties and Responsibilities of Various Research Technician Levels (nonexempt, working 37.5-hour week)

Also see Research Assistant job levels.

171041 Research Technician 1 (salary grade 03)

Research Technician 1 Job Description Template

  • Work under close supervision
  • Set up supplies and equipment according to detailed specifications
  • Prepare solutions
  • May feed animals, clean, maintain cages
  • Maintain records
  • May perform inventory control, ordering, and recording of experiments
  • May operate single controls on equipment and make light repairs
  • Perform housekeeping tasks
  • High school, 0 to 1 year of experience

171042 Research Technician 2 (salary grade 06)

Research Technician 2 Job Description Template

  • Perform duties of research technician 1 and in addition:
  • Work under frequent supervision
  • Perform technical procedures and experiments according to specific instructions/ protocols
  • Record experimental data; collect/ tabulate/ calculate data
  • Purchase routine lab supplies, collect receipts and monitor expenditures
  • Enter sequences into databases; may conduct analysis
  • Extract data for follow-up
  • High school, 1 to 2 years of experience

171043 Research Technician 3 (salary grade 09)

Research Technician 3 Job Description Template

  • Perform duties of Technician 2 and in addition:
  • Work under limited supervision
  • Install, maintain and repair complex equipment; may do design modifications and fabricate mechanical or electronic equipment
  • May supervise and train lower level technicians or students
  • May instruct faculty and students in the use of equipment
  • Maintain records, reports, inventory
  • Administer experiments
  • Provide some analysis and interpretation of results as appropriate
  • High school, 2 to 5 years of experience

171044 Research Technician 4 (salary grade 12)

Research Technician 4 Job Description Template

  • Perform duties of Technician 3 an in addition:
  • Work with a high degree of independence and under general direction
  • Utilize new and innovative research techniques involving a high degree of skill and training
  • Supervise the training and performance of lower level technicians and students
  • Consult with management and professionals on projects
  • Prepare and monitor own budget
  • Perform high level, complex analysis and calculation of data; interpret and make recommendations
  • Modify or develop new procedures and policies
  • High school, 5 to 8 years of experience