Duties and Responsibilities of Various Librarian Levels (working 40-hour week)

153088 Librarian 1 (salary grade SGL1,NE40)

Librarian 1 Job Description Template

  • First-level professional position in reference/ subject, bibliographic management, and collection management
  • First career-level reference librarian, cataloger, functional or subject specialist
  • Work in and may be in charge of discrete library function, such as circulation, binding, collection management in discrete subject area
  • Work under supervision of a department head, assistant or associate library director; often work within the context of a team, contribute by intra-departmental and system-wide meetings
  • Require capacity to select and apply standard policies and procedures; typically improving existing procedures, methods, programs and services. Contribute to local policies
  • May supervise and train nonexempt and student employees
  • May conduct job-related research
  • May teach within the library's instructional program or within the context of a faculty-supervised classroom. Participate in outside professional activities appropriate to their work
  • Requires a basic working knowledge of area of specialization, for example, Cataloging, organization of information structure, or subject expertise
  • Demonstrated familiarity with emerging technologies
  • Basic knowledge of operating systems; knowledge of general office software applications as well as standard library operating system (i.e., OCLC)
  • Ability to train/instruct others; well-developed communication skills
  • Master's degree in Library Science and 1-year appropriate experience required

152042 Librarian 2 (salary grade SGL2,EX40)

Librarian 2 Job Description Template

  • Experienced functional specialist: subject specialist, reference librarian, access services, learning and digital technologies
  • Manage a small department, or function specialization
  • Work under direction of senior management, serve as a resource person for difficult problems dealing with their specialty
  • Involve the interpretation of existing policies, methods, and procedures and working with others to improve them within the working unit. Review and make comments on proposed library standards, policies and proposals, for example, cataloging standards
  • Judgment is required in initiating change for the work unit. Frequently involved with change in other work units
  • May supervise, train and organize work of exempt and non-exempt staff
  • May be responsible for a program/unit budget
  • Conduct job-related research
  • May develop curriculum for library instruction program or selection, design and create digital information resources
  • Each level assumes and/or incorporates lower level experience/scope skills
  • Requires solid knowledge of procedures and policies used in specialty area including technical language of the specialty
  • Requires solid knowledge of academic subject, teaching methodology and ability to train others
  • Specialized knowledge of databases; solid knowledge of general office software applications; solid knowledge of applications environment; solid knowledge of electronic publishing
  • May require supervisory experience, proven ability to train/instruct others
  • Highly developed written, verbal, and listening skills
  • Master's degree in Library Science and 2 years of appropriate experience may be required. Subject knowledge, may prefer or require an advanced degree

152043 Librarian 3 (salary grade SGL3,EX40)

Librarian 3 Job Description Template

  • Head of a major department or function within a library; may direct a special collection or library
  • Subject or technical specialist with broad subject, technical or functional specializations
  • Work as an expert in area of specialty, serve as a coordinator of activities and is consulted for department-wide or university-wide policy changes
  • Participate on policy-making committees and local, regional and national task groups on a regular basis
  • Involve broad policies, precedents, and general professional standards in decision making; define and manage priorities, advises staff and others on particular areas of expertise
  • Interpret policies to meet objectives, and initiates change; strategic planning
  • Assure high level of services and work product which affect a major portion of the work unit or user population
  • Take the initiative to conceive, develop and implement new programs and procedures
  • May manage and supervise a staff or functional area
  • Allocate and monitors financial expenditures; may identify and develop funding proposals and resources
  • May require contacts and negotiations on sensitive issues with staff, university community and external audiences
  • Represent parent library to local, regional, national and international constituencies; leadership and initiatives are expected
  • Play key role in designing and implementing services, procedures and policies that incorporate the latest in learning technologies
  • Advanced to expert knowledge of area of specialization; demonstrates a recognized level of professional, technical and subject-specialty expertise
  • May require specialized language skills
  • Requires in-depth knowledge of publishing and information markets; research process and library resources
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills
  • Supervisory and financial management skills may be required or preferred
  • May require knowledge of technical protocols and architecture
  • May require advanced teaching/ training abilities; solid knowledge of teaching methodologies
  • Master's degree in Library Science and 6 years of appropriate experience may be required or preferred; 2nd Master's or advanced degree preferred

152044 Librarian 4 (salary grade SGL4,EX40)

Librarian 4 Job Description Template

  • May manage a library-wide program or function. May manage multiple departments or a library
  • Works as a senior member of the library staff, often reports directly to the director of the library or top administrator of a school or university
  • Operate with considerable autonomy
  • Has broad responsibility for library initiatives, implements large-scale projects or systems
  • Requires implementation and development of new library or department-wide policies and methods, responsible for initiating change within a major department and consulted on school-wide or department-wide changes
  • Expertise is acknowledged outside the school or department
  • May supervise large department, large budget or program
  • Represents library to key external constituencies
  • Requires broad, high level of expertise and knowledge in specialized area of librarianship
  • May require advanced, proven project management skills; broad knowledge of specialized databases, information technologies and teaching methodologies
  • Superior written, verbal and listening skills
  • May require advanced teaching skills; solid knowledge of teaching trends
  • Master's degree in Library Science and 10 years of appropriate experience may be required or preferred. Advanced degree preferred, may be required