Duties and Responsibilities of Various Clerical Levels (nonexempt, working 37.5-hour week)

155051 Clerk 1 (salary grade 02)

Clerk 1 Job Description Template

  • Work under close supervision
  • Perform simple sorting, calculating, posting
  • File correspondence, record invoices, etc.
  • Perform copying duties
  • Pick up and deliver mail or other correspondence
  • May answer phone and receive visitors
  • High school, 0 to 3 months of experience

155052 Clerk 2 (salary grade 04)

Clerk 2 Job Description Template

  • Perform duties of Clerk 1 and in addition:
  • Work under frequent supervision
  • Post and maintain records which may require follow-up action
  • Maintain current and accurate files
  • Use historical information to trace materials
  • Handle some confidential information
  • Perform light typing as needed
  • High school, 1 to 1.5 years of experience

155053 Clerk 3 (salary grade 07)

Clerk 3 Job Description Template

  • Performs duties of Clerk 2 and in addition:
  • Work under general direction
  • Process or maintain record-keeping and/or filing systems
  • Gather and compile information for management use
  • Advise junior level clerks on procedures and methods relevant to record-keeping/filing systems
  • Maintain ongoing contacts as a regular part of daily activities involving work of a non-controversial nature
  • High school, 2 to 3 years of experience

155054 Clerk 4 (salary grade 09)

Clerk 4 Job Description Template

  • Perform duties of Clerk 3 and in addition:
  • Work performed independently
  • Devise procedures and make recommendations for the processing involved in maintaining complex record-keeping and/or filing systems
  • Work with department managers in identifying needs as they relate to attaining reports and information needed by management
  • May be responsible for maintaining inventory of supplies, reordering and distributing
  • Lead junior level clerks in day-to-day activities
  • Maintain ongoing contacts to solve problems and resolve issues
  • High school, 4 to 5 years of experience