Department Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities of Various Department Assistant Levels (nonexempt, working 37.5-hour week)

155021 Department Assistant 1 (salary grade 08)

Department Assistant 1 Job Description Template

  • Work performed with occasional supervision
  • Performs a variety of clerical duties and typing assignments requiring speed and accuracy
  • Prepares travel expense forms for reimbursement
  • May assist in training of junior level clerical hires
  • Facilitates dealing with others in the university relative to department work
  • Proofreads and edits correspondence, reports, records, etc. as necessary
  • Processes confidential information
  • May direct the work of students or temporary employees
  • High school, 2 to 3 years of experience

155022 Department Assistant 2 (salary grade 09)

Department Assistant 2 Job Description Template

  • Performs duties of Department Assistant 1 and in addition:
  • Works under general direction
  • Initiates and follows up on routine correspondence
  • Maintains department website
  • Maintains accounting/bookkeeping records for department, data analysis
  • Oversees general operations of clerical staff and office procedures
  • Assignments may be long term and requires the individual to rely on own resources in task accomplishment
  • High school, 3 to 5 years of experience

155023 Department Assistant 3 (salary grade 10)

Department Assistant 3 Job Description Template

  • Performs duties of Department Assistant 2 and in addition:
  • Works under general direction
  • Performs diverse duties of an administrative/clerical nature requiring accuracy
  • Has overall responsibility for smooth functioning of the department
  • Facilitates communications between department and the university
  • Maintains confidential records
  • May authorize routine department expenditures, prepare or assist in preparing budgets (forecasting), reconcile monthly expense statements
  • Organized, plans meetings, departmental agenda, etc.
  • Coordinates workflow between departments as needed
  • Involved with more complex/difficult matters
  • High school, 5 or more years of experience

155024 Department Assistant 4 (salary grade 12)

Department Assistant 4 Job Description Template

  • Performs duties of Department Assistant 3 and in addition:
  • Works under general direction and reports to high ranking official
  • Processes complex and highly confidential information
  • Administers all aspects of the office including appointments, telephone contacts, correspondence, etc.
  • Arranges meetings and maintains necessary correspondence with attendees; takes minutes
  • Keeps current on legislation, events, etc. relative to the particular school, college or university
  • Supervises the work of office staff in day-to-day activities
  • Relays information on sensitive matters to constituents, external or within the university
  • High school, 6 or more years of experience