Event Resources

The Event Resources page provides guidance and sample materials for faculty and staff interested in planning and promoting school-based events. In addition, faculty and staff can learn about requesting a consultation meeting with the Program Manager of Mandel School Events to create a unique event plan for their upcoming event. This resource page supplements content from the University Events website. 

Consultation with Program Manager of Mandel School Events

The objective of the Program Manager of Mandel School Events is to help enhance the school’s reputation of excellence by the successful planning and execution of events, with a primary focus on Dean and Development Events. The Program Manager of Events is also available to provide consultation and guidance services on other outward facing events for the school resulting in positive and engaging experiences for external audiences (alumni, donors, friends of the Mandel School and other supporters within the community).

The Program Manager of Mandel School Events can meet for individual consultations to aid and advise faculty and staff by talking through outward facing Mandel School events; this process will help to visualize the event and prepare an event plan that will enhance outcomes. During these conversations the event goal and objective should be identified, followed by how best to design the event in order to achieve its goal. From here, a suggested event plan can be created to identify recommended steps that can be taken during the planning process for your specific event. The event plan typically includes suggested vendors to work with, how to operationalize your plan, ideas to engage and communicate event details to audiences, identifying target audiences, costs to consider when planning the event, and how to maximize your budget. Event plans are helpful in making sure the planning process stays on target of achieving your goal and that the “big picture” doesn't get lost in the minutiae of the details. 

The Program Manager of Mandel School Events could also provide high-level suggestions of lead times to consider for your planning timeline. 

To request a consultation meeting with the Program Manager of Mandel School Events please email mandelschoolevents@case.edu. 

A Note About Event Budgets

All events must have an approved budget and speedtype able to accommodate all expenses associated with the event. Involvement of the Program Manager of Mandel School Events does not equate to budgetary support. The requester of the event must confirm with the Office of Finance and Administration to ensure adequate funding is available before commitments are made. School Departments should reach out to the Director of Finance and Research Departments should reach out to the Assistant Director of Research Administration.

Please see “Event Template” under the “Event Management Toolkit” section below for a sample event budget spreadsheet for your use.

Virtual Event Resources

Event Management Toolkit

Event Templates

The following templates are available and customizable for your use while planning your event. 

Mandel School Space Reservations, Parking and Building Access

Please visit Mandel School Facilities to reserve your event space through the EMS Room Reservation System, learn more about building access and request special parking arrangements. Note, when reserving an event space through the EMS Reservation System, please also send an email to msassroom@case.edu to confirm the request and send a follow up email to mandelfacilities@case.edu regarding desired set-up and layout of space. Information on emergency Mandel School and University closings can also be found here. 

Event Security and Event Staffing

At the Mandel School, a faculty or staff member is required to be onsite at all times during an event. The size, time, and location within either of the Mandel School buildings will determine the official staffing requirements. Please email mandelfacilities@case.edu with your event specifics to learn more and ensure your event follows protocol.

Security is required at certain events. Please read about Planning a Safe Event to learn what type of security may be needed for your event.

Event Promotion

There are many ways to promote your event or gathering to the Mandel School, CWRU campus and external communities. For information on how to publicize your event through social media, newsletters, Mandel School media walls, and other internal channels, please visit the Mandel School Marketing and Communications Resources page. To publicize your event on the University Events Calendar or to external audiences via print or digital invitations, signage, etc. contact University Marketing and Communications

Table tents are also available at the Mandel School for promotional fliers. To request this service, please email mandelfacilities@case.edu

Audio/Visual Support

IT support for A/V needs for special events, meetings and classes is available to Mandel School faculty, staff and student groups. 

MediaVision should be contacted to record or broadcast your live or virtual events. They also offer equipment such as microphones, sound systems, projection equipment and meeting accessories at significant discounts.

The MediaVision Production Group offers professional production services including promotional video production, DVDs, academic lecture recording, and other media-production related services.

Catering and Menu Planning 

Preferred and University Procurement-Approved Caterers

When placing catering orders, kindly copy mandelfacilities@case.edu to help coordinate delivery and placement.

Please Note:  Alcohol is not permitted at School events, unless prior approval is received. If Alcohol is being considered for an event, approval must first be received from within the Mandel School by emailing the request to the Director of Finance. Once approval is received from within the Mandel School, an Alcohol Use Form (AUR) should be completed and submitted at least 10 days prior to your event to Central University Office(s) for final approval. Only until the Alcohol Use Form is submitted and approval is received from Central is alcohol permitted at an event. Please review the University’s Alcohol Policy and Guidelines in its entirety prior to submitting a form.

When planning a menu, consider your audience, agenda and budget. Make sure there is a variety of offerings and something for everyone, including those with specific dietary needs. 

Remember Your Audience

All menus should offer balanced choices to accommodate your diverse audience, but if you know that a specific demographic is more heavily represented in your audience, your menu should reflect that. For example, in very broad terms, a male-dominated audience will generally require more substantial food options than a female-dominated audience. Every group is unique, but if you understand the demographic profile of your group, you are more likely to develop menus that will appeal to the masses. You should also consider dietary restrictions and allergies.

Plan Menus Around Your Agenda

It’s important to take the time to consider how your meal ties into the event functions around it and plan the menu to offer choices that will naturally help put attendees into the state-of-mind needed for the event. If you are offering very technical breakout sessions in the afternoon, your lunch should include more protein options like chicken or fish instead of heavy carb options like pasta. If your sessions for the day will run into the early evening, consider skipping the temporary sugar high that cookies and brownies at the afternoon break will provide (because they’ll also provide a crash soon after) and instead offer nuts, fruits or veggies for natural energy.

Know Your Numbers

Get to know your group and understand their habits so you can make the best financial decisions on food and beverage. Don’t hesitate to speak with your caterer for advice on how best to offer a varied menu while keeping your budget in mind. What combination of food and beverage provides the biggest bang for your buck?

Know Your Goals

Beyond the overall event goals, define what the goals are for each meal function to help with menu decisions. If the goal of an evening dinner is networking, a reception format will be more successful than a seated dinner. If the goal of a lunch is for teams to work together on a project, consider a limited buffet menu or a simple plated lunch.

Be Creative

If the standard published menus do not offer what you need for a particular meal function, don’t be afraid to work with your caterer on a custom menu. Most caterers are happy to work within your budget and goals to create a menu especially for your group.

Source: “5 Food and Beverage Planning Tips,” Perfection Events, 2020.

Event Furniture

There are several options available to fulfill event furniture needs.

It is strongly recommended to use the furniture currently onsite at the Mandel School to avoid additional costs associated with your event. Please see below for a list of available furniture for use in the Mandel School Building and the Mandel Center. 

  • Mandel School Building Event Furniture
    • Tables can be used for registration, panel discussion, food service, and other event needs:
    • (4) 6 foot white plastic, folding tables
    • (2) 5 foot white plastic, folding tables
    • (124) white, folding chairs for use in Noble Commons
    • Existing furniture in Noble Commons can be used for events or removed to make room for other furniture.
  • Mandel Center Event Furniture
    • 4 tables are placed outside of room 115 for food and beverage.
    • Room 115 has 21 tables and 80 chairs that can be used in several configurations. Furniture can also be stored if other furniture is being sourced externally. 
    • Up to 2 tables from room 115 can be used for event registration/check-in. Alternatively, the Mandel Center reception desk may be used for this purpose.

Please Note: Furniture cannot be moved between buildings. Classrooms should not be changed; however, if necessary, please send a request via email to mandelfacilities@case.edu to see if approval can be given. Approval is dependent on staff availability, event, and class schedules.

If needed, furniture for your event can be rented through University Movers. To place your order, please email your needs to mandelfacilities@case.edu and they will place your order and coordinate the delivery and setup of your furniture rentals. If renting tables through University Movers, consider securing tablecloths through your caterer as the tables are unfinished. University Movers can accept a speedtype for billing.

Furniture can be ordered from the catering service that you are using to provide the food and beverage for your event. This is generally more expensive. Prior to placing your order with the catering company, please email mandelfacilities@case.edu to ensure the furniture you would like to order will fit in the event space. Please coordinate with Mandel School Facilities for furniture delivery and pick up. It is recommended to place an order at least 2 months in advance to ensure receipt of a Purchase Order and to ensure availability. Purchase Cards cannot be used to secure furniture rental.

Event Script Writing

A script is a blueprint for your event that defines the dialogue of one or more presenters and the order in which they will occur. It:

  • Guides the flow of your presentation or event
  • Ensures you have enough to say
  • Keeps you organized
  • Prevents you from going off on a tangent and running over your allotted time

 Whether you are writing your own remarks, for an MC or for other speakers, make sure the messaging is clear and to the point. Remarks should be concise so as not to overload the audience with too many details and avoid wandering minds. 

Have A Strong Start

Your first words and how you say them creates the event’s first impression for your attendees. Make your voice sound strong and confident, and begin by introducing yourself and welcoming guests to the event.

Deliver A Simple Message

When you’re writing your script, define the goals and purpose of what you want to say. Make sure to explain those points thoroughly one at a time, in a natural voice.

Write Like You Talk

The script should not sound like a literary work of art. It should sound like how you or the presenter speaks. That means what you were taught not to do in English class—sentence fragments, incomplete sentences, starting sentences with “and,” “but” or “or”—are okay to use in script writing.

Readable Formatting

The script will be easier to read if it is written with a large text size and lots of white space. Use a bulleted list to clearly outline remarks; consider creating a new bullet for each thought.


Read the script out loud. Some sentences that sounded great in your head will sound different when you actually speak them. Go ahead and adjust or rewrite them accordingly.

Source: “Writing a Script for an Event? Consider These 6 Points,” L!VE, August 9, 2016.


If there is an emergency during your event, any time at the Mandel School or anywhere on campus, call the Campus Police Emergency Number at 216.368.3333, NOT 911
Calling the Campus Police Emergency line leads to a faster response time from emergency responders.

Emergency response policies and protocols for the Mandel School are forthcoming. To request additional information, please contact mandelfacilities@case.edu.

The Mandel School is subject to emergency closing due to extreme weather conditions or structural and/or maintenance issues and may happen on the day of your event. Please view the Mandel School Emergency Closing Policy to learn how this information would be communicated to you should this happen.