Marketing and Communications Resources

Need assistance in planning your marketing or communications project?

The Mandel School's Marketing and Communications Resources page serves as a toolkit to offer guidance and sample materials for faculty and staff looking to share information and connect with wider audiences, including internal audiences (faculty, staff, students) and external audiences (prospective students, alumni, donors).

This toolkit supplements content from the University Marketing and Communications (UMC) website. Who is UMC? From websites to marketing strategies, magazines to media relations, and everything in between, UMC exists to help tell the story of Case Western Reserve University. Learn more about the teams within UMC to see how they can help you with your next project.

For assistance in planning your next project, please fill out a project request form.

Visual Identity & Style Guides

After 16 years strengthening and growing its national and international reputation, Case Western Reserve refreshed its brand in 2023. This update brings a bolder logonew font styles and a brighter color palette to help stand out as a forward-thinking national research university.

As part of this visual identity refresh, UMC has built a website that outlines our brand guidelines, as well as a brand book, from design to copy and more. If you have brand-specific questions that are not answered in the FAQ page, please email

Case Western Reserve’s Editorial Style Guide helps writers, editors and other communication professionals across campus present ideas and information clearly and consistently. “Style” refers to an organization's guidelines for consistency in how words, phrases, typographical elements, etc., are to be used—or not used.

Having a style guide that serves as a standard puts writers, editors and other communication professionals in a strong position. It shows that the university thinks carefully about how language is used, that it is committed to professionalism and the highest standards of service to partners and clients, and that it matters how the university's message is expressed.

Accessibility ensures that all people—regardless of ability—can interact with the information or services you provide. It is required that you follow these Digital Accessibility Guidelines when posting any online content (text, images, audio, video, webpages, etc.).

Logos, Fonts & Templates


The updated logo continues the concept of the sun—a graphic element that has appeared regularly in graphic representations of Western Reserve University, Case Institute of Technology and Case Western Reserve. This time, however, it’s stylized to evoke the concept of the sun rising above Earth as seen from space. This representation of light exemplifies the combined knowledge and strengths of Case Western Reserve: the liberal arts, humanities, medicine and sciences associated with Western Reserve University, and the engineering and technology associated with Case Institute of Technology. 

The new logo comes in five configurations: two-line, four-line, four-line stacked, four-line centered and as an acronym. Because of its strong association with the university, the approved logo should appear on the cover of all marketing communications. The default placement for the logo should be at the bottom of the communications piece, signifying it as the anchor or signature component of your message.

All versions of the CWRU logo should be displayed prominently and clearly. It is important to display the logo with sufficient clear space around it. Users also must adhere to the recommended color combinations in order to maintain brand consistency and integrity. 

Each logo configuration has been set with customized letterforms and letter spacing and should not be created by retyping.

To download CWRU logos:

  • Visit the Webdam portal
  • Login using Single Sign On
  • Click "University Logo, 2023–Present"
  • Navigate the folders to determine which logo(s) you would like to download
  • Click the "Download" arrow
  • Enter your reason for requesting the logo—UMC's branding team will not be able to release the logo without an explanation for its intended use
  • The brand team will review your request and you will be notified via email once your request is approved

Download the Mandel School version of the logo here.


Like color, consistent use of typography is extremely important for brand recognition. Properly chosen typography serves to enhance the overall look of communications and works in conjunction with the logo, images, color and language to reinforce a clear identity.


  • Arizona Text is the primary font for print communications. It can also be used in digital communications, at the discretion of UMC.
  • Arizona Sans is the primary font for digital communications. It can be used for body copy in print materials.
  • When the Arizona font family is not available for use (e.g., emails, Google Slides, external affiliated websites), Open Sans should be the default font for communications, as it most closely matches our premium brand fonts. Where Google fonts are not possible, the default font is Arial.
Arizona Weights

Arizona Text and Arizona Sans include four weights. There are a variety of ways to create contrast between text elements by using the brand typefaces. Always use contrasting weights and sizes to create a hierarchy of information.

To download Arizona fonts:

  • Visit the Webdam portal
  • Login using Single Sign On
  • Click "University Logo, 2023–Present"
  • Open the "CWRU fonts" folder to download the available fonts

To install Arizona fonts:

  • Once the font is downloaded, double click the zip file containing the fonts
  • Double click the unzipped folder that contains the list of fonts
  • Select all fonts by clicking "Control + A"
  • Once all fonts are selected, right click and select "Open"
  • The application "Font Book" will open (if you run into an error message, click "Ok" and the next step will still allow you to work around)
  • Click "My fonts" on the left
  • Drag the folder of fonts into the "My fonts" tab in Font Book
  • In order for the new fonts to appear, you will need to restart your laptop
  • After restarting, open a Microsoft Word document to ensure the font appears on the list



Use either a standard or widescreen format of the CWRU General or Mandel School PowerPoint templates for your various presentations.

Email Signatures

Copy and paste this template in your email signature settings and adjust the information there.

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
[Department/Center] (optional)
Case Western Reserve University
[Office location, Suite/Room #] (optional)
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7164
216.368.xxxx office
[] cell (optional) (optional)

Note: If you would like to include links to the website or our social media pages, embed them each in a logo icon at the bottom of your signature. To do this, click to Gmail Settings (the gear image at the top right) and scroll down to the Signature section. Click Insert Image (picture icon), upload your image and Link to a page (paper clip icon).

Printing Services

FedEx Office

FedEx Office Printing Services, in the Thwing Student Center, can handle a variety of print projects to meet your needs:

  • Business Cards (select Non-standard > Business Card - MSASS)
    • Our Mailing Address is 10900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7164
    • Our Campus Location / Visitors and Deliveries Address is 11235 Bellflower Road (School) or 11402 Bellflower Road (Center), depending on where your office is located
    • All mail is delivered to the School and sorted into the mailboxes in the room behind the receptionist. Campus Mail does not deliver mail to the Center, as there are no mailboxes there.
  • Name Badges
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Notepads
  • Labels
  • Posters
    • The standard poster size is 56” x 42”. This poster template is correctly sized and contains the appropriate logo and placement. If your poster must meet other requirements, please incorporate the same logo and placement, and avoid large, solid blocks of dark colors, which tend to print darker than shown on-screen and can easily smudge after printing. Contact Sue Ambro with questions.

To begin your order, click the Order Here button under the bottom left image and select the Order Print dropdown. Then, click Order CWRU Products > SSO login > Speed Type Payment.

The Mandel School will pay for faculty and staff business cards and name badges only. Please contact Craig Zullig for the speedtype.


Mandel School


The Mandel School sends out two internal newsletters on a bi-weekly basis: the Mandel Memo to faculty and staff and the Mandel Roundup to students. To submit any announcements, opportunities, news or events for inclusion in the newsletters, please fill out this Google Form by the Monday of each newsletter week.

The Mandel School also has several Google Groups through which you can send important news and announcements. If you need to be added, removed or need to contact a Group to which you do not belong, contact

Please BCC your audiences when sending mass emails. BCCing your Google Groups prevents people from Replying All to the Groups and helps streamline our internal communications.


To have your news posted on the Mandel School's news page, please email

For all other website updates, please email

Events Page/Calendar

To show the depth and range of events that our school, faculty and staff are involved in, please fill out this Google Form with your upcoming events so we can cross-list and advertise them on the school's events page and/or events calendar.

Social Media

The Mandel School has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. You can find these links in the footer of our website. To submit content for consideration, please email

Media Walls

To add a flyer to the Mandel School/Center's electronic media walls, email with the details, .jpg image and dates that it should appear.

Table Tents

To reserve flyer space in the Mandel School's table tents, email for prior approval and to schedule. Please include a proof of your flyer. Priority will be given to departments and organizations affiliated with the Mandel School. If approved, you must provide 20 pre-cut 4" x 6" flyers to Suite 315. If there are any unapproved flyers in the school's table tents, they will be promptly removed and discarded. For more information, call 216.368.8673.


The Daily

If you have news or event information you would like to share with the university community, consider submitting it to The Daily, CWRU’s weekday email newsletter. Please refer to their editorial guidelines before submitting your news.

Media Walls

Advertisement and program spots can be reserved for the Tinkham Veale University Center's digital displays via this form.

University Technology operates electronic information displays in each residence hall and in selected academic buildings across campus. Members of the campus community may upload event flyers/photos to the information boards via this submission form.

Media Relations

In mass communication, media are the communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information or data. The term refers to components of the mass media communications industry, such as print media, publishing, the news media, photography, cinema, broadcasting (radio and television), digital media and advertising.

We work closely with the university’s media relations team to promote our news through print, broadcast and online media outlets. We help our media relations team identify compelling news and research stories, connect reporters with faculty experts, and help members of the media access photos and press releases.

Please contact Colin McEwen, assistant director of media relations, and copy, if:

  • You have been contacted by a member of the media to serve as a source for a story
  • You have a story idea you think news media would be interested in covering
  • You have an achievement (research, scholarship, creative endeavor, career) you think the university should publicize
  • Your students have an achievement you think the university should publicize

Photos & Videos

Pictures and videos are crucial aspects of good storytelling, and we know just how much they can enhance websites and publications.

Images and B-roll

A collection of frequently requested CWRU images and official university logos are available in a variety of formats on our digital asset-management system, Webdam. Case Western Reserve University must be credited for all still images.

You can find Mandel School-specific photos here

Copyright-free B-roll footage is also available upon request from iStock by Getty Images. If you are in need of stock photos, please find the images you'd like and email the links/photo ID numbers to Please note that we are not always able to download all requested images due to subscription/licensing restrictions.

Video Services

CWRU's on-campus video services company, MediaVision, provides traditional audio visual (AV), video and event support services for small events, such as lectures and meeting room support, to large scale events, such as commencement ceremonies.

To request AV, video and event services, download and fill out their request form and email it to They will contact you about availability and confirm the details of your request.