Group Re-Registration Guide

The purpose of re-registration is to ensure that CampusGroups is populated with active, well-described groups and accurate officer information. This will help create the best possible experience for all users of the platform, particularly those looking for groups and programs to connect with or events to attend.

The re-registration process is simple:

  1. Manage your group in CampusGroups (
  2. Click the blue button in your group dashboard to complete the re-registration form.
  3. The CWRU CampusGroups support team will review and approve your submission.

First, check which groups you are an officer of.

  1. Log into CampusGroups ( with CWRU SSO with a desktop browser.
  2. On the top menu bar, click on the "Groups" icon/link.
  3. A dropdown will appear, showing all of the groups you are a member of. One or more groups will have a "gear" icon next to them. Those are the groups that list you as an officer.

Then, check for the re-registration message in each of those groups.

  1. In the “Groups” dropdown, click on the gear icon to access the group dashboard. 
  2. A message with a blue background will appear at the top of the dashboard, prompting you to complete the re-registration process.
    • If no message appears, the group does not require re-registration.
    • If a blue message appears stating that the group's re-registration is pending, another officer has already started the form and completed at least the first half of it.

Student groups will be prompted to enter their current officers and advisor in the re-registration form. The officers and advisor will need to confirm their position (via an emailed link) before the re-registration can be approved.

University groups must update their officer lists manually. Use the following steps to remove any officers who are no longer part of your group or who no longer work with CampusGroups.

  1. Log into with CWRU SSO.
  2. Manage your group (accessible through the "Groups" topbar menu item).
  3. Click on the "Officers" dashboard tile or left sidebar menu link.
  4. Uncheck the "Active Officer" box to the right of each officer you need to remove.

To add new officers, follow the steps in this help article: Appointing Group Officers

On the first page, you will be first be asked to review your group's directory information:

  • Group Name
  • Categories
  • Mission
  • Membership Benefits
  • Logo

You will be able to directly update the following fields if needed:

  • Mission
  • Membership Benefits
  • Logo

Note that the “Mission” field functions as the group description and is required. If your group has a blank “Mission” field, you must enter a group description to continue the form.

On the second page, you will have the opportunity to:

  • confirm that your officer list is up-to-date (university groups only)
  • learn about CampusGroups help resources and support options
  • leave comments or suggestions for CWRU CampusGroups Support.

If you have questions or need help with your group re-registration, contact