Member Uploads

This web guide will walk through some of the steps of performing a member and contact upload for your group in CampusGroups. You start any member or contact upload by locating your gray navigation bar at the top of the group and clicking on Members -> Upload. From there, you will be prompted to download the CampusGroups upload excel file, which you will need to do to start the process. Make sure you delete all the information from the first row before starting to edit the file!

Uploading Users with Profiles

Users with profiles refer to those with existing CampusGroups accounts, which includes all students and most staff and faculty. While there are many columns in the upload spreadsheet, only a few are required. Those required columns are:

  • email: must be network id email (
  • member: enter 1 if you want the person to be a member of your group, 0 if you want them to be a contact (a member has access to your group page while contacts are simply added as potential email correspondents)
  • officer: enter 1 if you want the person to be an officer of your group, 0 if not (only officers have access to the gray navigation bar for your group)

Two other columns that may be beneficial to note include tags and optin_tags, which are described below.

After completing your spreadsheet, you will save it and then upload your contact file on the Upload page. Then you will be prompted to preview your upload. Look for any rows without the orange shirt icon - these rows are people whose emails did not match a profile in CampusGroups, so you will need to cancel your upload and follow the instructions below for uploading users without profiles.

Tagging Members Through Uploads

Two organizational features of CampusGroups are tags and subgroups.

A tag is a label that officers can place upon members and contacts of their group. Members of the group cannot see, edit, or remove their tags. These are best suited for administrative purposes where officers need to implement labels that are not optional or that are permanent. Tags correspond to the tags column of the upload file.

A subgroup is a label that officers can set up within their group for their members to be able to opt in or out of at any point. Subgroups work well for interest groups where members may change their mind at any point, such as signing up for receiving emails on certain topics. Subgroups correspond to the optin_tags column of the upload file.

Uploading a spreadsheet with data in these two columns will create new tags and subgroups for your group unless you are adding users to existing tags or subgroups. It is important to note that the upload file can be used to add tags to existing members and contacts of your group. You will want to keep member and officer statuses consistent, but this process can be efficient for adding tags to existent members of your group.

Uploading Users without Profiles

For users who don't have CampusGroups profiles, there are seven columns to fill out on the upload spreadsheet:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email: if the user is a CWRU community member, use their network ID email (
  • account_type: students, staff, and most faculty already have accounts made for them; all others should be listed as Guest
  • member: 1 or 0 as above
  • officer: 1 or 0 as above
  • net_id: if this is a CWRU community member, such as a faculty member, who does not have an account already, you must include their network ID (abc123) in order to allow them to use Single Sign-On; this column is located far to the right

After you complete these columns, you can finish the upload process.