Virtual Fair Visitor Guide

This guide is for Case Western Reserve University students who have been invited to attend a virtual fair on CampusGroups. Some details may vary between different fairs, but most of the instructions below should still be applicable.

For the best experience, use a desktop or laptop computer to visit the virtual fair.

Accessing a Virtual Fair

  1. Log into CampusGroups ( with CWRU SSO. If you experience an error message after logging in with CWRU single sign-on ("You logged on your school portal successfully, but we cannot find your profile..."), request a new CampusGroups profile.
  2. Once logged in, click on "Virtual Fairs" in the upper left sidebar menu. 
  3. Click on the name of the fair you wish to attend. Virtual fairs are only accessible between their start and end dates, so if you encounter an access error at this point, double-check your message from the fair organizer to find out what dates the fair will be available. 
  4. Set your interests. If this is your first time visiting a fair, you may be prompted to select some interests before proceeding. This used to suggest groups/booths for you to visit, and is completely optional.

Finding Groups

Once you enter the virtual fair, you will be taken to the virtual fair map overview, and will also be able to use the left sidebar menu to navigate through the fair. These three links will help you find interesting groups to learn about and sign up for:

  1. Map Overview - This view shows the fair zones (categories) and the number of groups in each one. You can click on a zone to see a list of the groups belonging to it.
  2. List of Groups - This page shows all of the groups in the fair in a single list. You can then filter it yourself by group name, zone, group type, or category tags.
  3. Suggested Groups - If you have saved interests in your CampusGroups profile, this page will show you groups that match them. You can update your interests anytime by editing your CampusGroups profile.

Learning More About a Group

Clicking on a group's picture or title will pop up the details and media that the group officers have added to their booth to help you get to know the group better. The officers will often include a detailed description, videos, documents, photos, and related links.

If you review a group's booth and have more questions, you can get in touch with the officers through the fair in the following ways:

  1. Chat - Scroll to the bottom of the details window and look for a "Chat with Officers" button. A small window will popup where you can choose from the available chat modes. Alternatively, you can click on the "speech bubble"  icon on the right side of the group entry on a list view.
    Tip: If you click away from a chat you joined and want to return to it, you don't need to go through the group list again. You can always view all of your chat conversations by clicking the "Chats" button in the left sidebar menu.
  2. Videoconferencing - Some groups will schedule video calls that prospective members can join to meet and chat with group officers. The call info will usually be listed in the booth description. You can also join the call directly from the list view, by clicking the "video camera" icon on their group listing.

Chat and videoconferencing are generally optional for groups participating in virtual fairs, so they may not always be available. In this case, you can still indicate your interest in the group and wait for the officers to follow up with you.

Joining Groups

After you have found a group or multiple groups that you would like to join, look for the gray "I'm Interested" button located in the middle of the group listing, or at the bottom of the booth details window. This will add you to a list of prospective members that group officers can contact after the fair.

Check the "I'm Interested" link on the left sidebar to see a list of all the groups you are interested in.

Still Need Help?

If you would like to learn more about the fair organizers, look for the "Information Booth" link on the left sidebar. You can generally join a group chat or chat with an officer one-on-one to get your questions about the fair answered.

If you are experiencing technical issues with the virtual fair or CampusGroups in general, email for help. Be sure to include your name, the error message text (if applicable), and a quick description of what happened before the problem occurred.